It's no secret I love 2 strokes. All shapes and sizes, they're just incredible fun. The TS185 quickly proved to be everything you want in a 2 stroke street bike.

It's amazingly light, with nothing much more than a fame motor and wheels, and the balls to the wall power output with the custom expansion chamber, FMF shorty muffler and Tuned intake has you smiling under the helmet no matter where you're riding.

Our mods list on the Suxuki TS185 includes;

  • Shortened subframe, Custom built seat with built in brake/tail light
  • 1 off expansion chamber and retrofitted FMF powercore 2 silencer.
  • Lowered suspension with hand made fork brace sitting on the standard 21" front
  • Custom stainless 2 stroke oil tank.
  • Renthal Bars, PBM push button switches working through our Black Box unit.
  • 4.5" Purpose Built Moto LED headlight + LED turn signals

This Street Tracker although tiny to look at, demand attention and holds a large presence on the road. With its aggressive road stance, and sharp angles integrated into the design, you'll never see another TS185 like this. It's completely ridiculous, but thats exactly the point.

Photographed by: Electric Bubble

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