Unparalleled standards in both build quality and design innovation

At Purpose Built Moto, we are dedicated to providing a top-notch build experience for all customers, regardless of their experience with custom motorcycles. Our approach is centred around inclusivity, involving you throughout the project to ensure your full engagement and satisfaction. Our mission is to produce motorcycles that not only thrill the rider, but also captivate onlookers with exceptional design. Purpose Built Moto's distinctive style is both diverse and unique, with the ultimate goal of evoking powerful emotions in every rider.

here to empower the garage builder

In parallel to our custom motorcycle builds, we pour our energy into the manufacture of high-quality, detail-oriented, and easy-to-install components for your motorcycle project. These aid in achieving the clean, show aesthetic for your garage-built Cafe racer, Bobber, or Scrambler.



Purpose Built Moto was founded by Tom Gilroy

"I started building bikes in 2015. With a small garage workshop and just enough tools to get by. Now with a full size workshop, and a team of professionals built around me. Purpose Built Moto ranks among the builders I looked up to when I first started.

Our dedication to the craft has bought us a long way, and remains unwavering. Consistent improvement is a foundational principal that's a engrained in our DNA. I'm really proud of that.

All of our motorcycles are 1 of 1, never to be repeated. Built in our workshop by motorcycle fanatics, and dedicated craftsman. We consistently push ourselves forward with new designs, and I can't thank our long list of happy clients enough for giving us that opportunity.