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Black Box V3 - Lighting Control Module

Black Box V3 - Lighting Control Module

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The Black Box V3 Electronics Control module is the simplest, and smallest solution for re-wiring your motorcycle.

Functions at a glance:

  • Headlight Function- High and Low beam with a single momentary switch
  • Turn Signals with Auto time out (5 Sec and 25 Sec)
  • Integrated kill switch circuit
  • Hazard light function
  • Designed for use with any aftermarket momentary push buttons
  • 6V + 12V compatible
  • Easy to follow instructions included
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    Length: 40mm
    Width: 35mm
    Depth: 26mm

    Universal fitment on any 6v or 12v system.
    Small enough to be hidden anywhere on your bike.
    Designed to be quickly installed and for maximum functionality only delivering the features you need. A stand alone unit easily added to your existing wiring or with a complete re-wire.
    All control functions are compatible with LED, and incandescent lighting without the use of resistors.
    Functions are controlled by momentary switch inputs

    Headlight: High and Low beam with a single momentary switch
    Turn signals: Auto time out 5 sec and 25 sec
    Integrated kill switch circuit
    Hazard light function

    Operation: 6V and 12V
    Headlight: 55W Low Beam - 80W High Beam max output
    Turn signals: 40W max output per side
    Kill switch: 15 Amp Unfused
    Integrated Blade fuse: 15 Amp

    Add an ACCESSORIES KIT to your order which includes:
    2 x Micro Blade Fuse Holders
    1 x Terminal Strip

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    Easy installation for Seamless Lighting Control

    The Black Box control module gives you an easily installed user-friendly solution for managing your motorcycle's wiring system. With its minimalist design and intuitive interface, you can simply customise your switching configurations. Customise turn signals, high and low beam, horn, start and kill switches to your preferences to acheive that perfect custom finish.

    DIY Motorcycle Wiring Solution

    As Bike Builders, we strive for simple, elegant solutions to complex problems, as product designers we do the same. This has lead to the development of the Black Box as an M-Unit alternative control relay. We've designed the Black Box to be an easily integrated upgrade, allowing for quick and straight forward installation without the need for complex wiring or modifications. This user-friendly approach ensures that you can easily upgrade your bikes lighting system with ease, saving time and effort, while enjoying the benefits of an easy to understand wiring loom and controls.

    Enhanched Safety Features

    By incorporating smart features like auto-cancelling turn signals the Black Box module significantly improves motorcycle visibility and safety on the road. The module's intelligent functionality ensures that turn signals are automatically deactivated after completing a turn, reducing the chances of confusion for other motorists and enhancing overall road safety.

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