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Flat Bead | Cooper Smithing Co Fenders

Flat Bead | Cooper Smithing Co Fenders

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Crafted for the custom chopper builder, each fender from Cooper Smithing Co. is a handcrafted statement piece. These bespoke pieces are perfect for those passionate about putting high quality hand built parts on their chopper builds. With impeccable attention to detail and a dedication to quality, these fenders are a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

After hammering out a handful of years in the fabrication trade, Cooper Smithing Co. was started in 2009 when he developed a new process to quickly manufacture motorcycle fenders, and he hasn't stopped.
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2 Sizes, 5 1/4" or 6"

Handcrafted steel fenders come with a fully circumferential 3/8” beaded edge, adding significant rigidity to their structure.

6" wide fits a standard 16" wheel*

5 1/4" wide fits a standard 18" wheel*
Hand-made steel fender 33" long with a 3/8' beaded edge. Flawless finish ready for paint or polish.
Each fender is made to order, so please allow for 1-2 weeks production time. There will also be no returns on this product, and you agree to these terms when you purchase the fenders.
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High Quality American Made

Hand built in the USA. Quality control is done in house by the owner of the company that produces them.

Hand Beat, Blacksmith Style

An art that has been dying with the introduction of mass production, blacksmithing done properly is something that takes time and a lot of skill. Each fender is hand beat and shaped in house by Cooper.


The handbuilt nature of these fenders mean that every one is unique. You wont see these being sold at any standard part shop.

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