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Flashpoint Classic LED Headlight 4.5" Raw

Flashpoint Classic LED Headlight 4.5" Raw

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It's hard to find great, minimal lighting that still functions to the standard we expect, so we decided to make our own. 

This 4.5 inch Flashpoint has featured on some of Purpose Built Moto's most iconic builds.  The organic curves of the 4.5" Flashpoint Classic LED headlight takes queues of old school design, with no visible fixings from the front.  Its compact design opens up a lot of avenues for creative installation, without sacrificing quality or brightness. 

We love getting creative with the uses of our small but mighty 4.5" headlight. Using it on a range of Choppers, Cafe Racers and Scramblers where style counts. Easily used in fairings or moulded into front lighting plates for that high impact finish.  

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    Considerably smaller than any factory headlights, the 4.5" will require custom fitment or spacers for your motorcycle.
    130mm Outside diameter
    60mm Depth overall

    Plug and play on any motorcycle with a 2 pin headlight connection
    Standard 2 pin headlight plug
    2 x Side mounts
    1 x Bottom mount

    Weatherproof: IP65
    Material: Billet Aluminium housing

    Power consumption
    On/Off only - no separate beams
    Input voltage: 12V DC
    Current draw: 1.8 Amp
    Lumens: 2900lm
    Over two times brighter than standard headlights

    ** Warning: Colour anodising may be damaged by certain chemicals or abrasion and can be prone to sun-fade if exposed to the sun for a prolonged time. Please take care to shelter your bike when you can.
    All products are backed by our 12 month manufacturers warranty and are sold with a 30 day return policy

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    Simple install with versatile mounting options

    This compact Flashpoint LED headlight was designed to be amazingly neat and versatile with both fork mount and bottom mount options. They are the perfect size to hide in a front fairing, or with a fabrication pack you can get creative to make a unique mount design.

    A little light with big impact

    The 4.5" Flashpoint LED headlight is an easily installed and ultra versatile light. We use these in applications where we want to get creative with our lighting solutions for the front of our custom bike. Grab yourself one, and get creative on your project at home.

    Night time visibility makes for safer rides

    Our headlights are extremely visible on the road, ensuring safer night time riding and increased confidence in bleak weather conditions. Its high output illuminates your surroundings, so riders can enjoy their ride with style.

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