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Accosato Clutch Black

Accosato Clutch Black

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We've been outfitting our custom builds with Accossato clutch levers for as long as we've been building bikes; they have an essence of performance and style that can't be beat. 

The Accossato cable clutch is one of a kind: it has a "click" adjustment of the cable, the cable clutch is the one and only provided with distance adjuster between the handle and the grip.

Made in Italy, the home of motorcycle racing, these levers are bred on the track with performance embedded in the design. Its hard to find a better lever feel than an Accossato lever, which is why we've been trusting them for years. 

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Suitable for 7/8" handlebars

Distances available: 24 mm, 29 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm.

In order to select the most accurate distance for your needs, it is recommended to first check the current distance in use and evaluate if keeping, increasing or decreasing it.

With a longer distance, with the same movement of the Lever, you'll have a longer cable recovery: the clutch will be released earlier but, the strength needed to activate the Lever will be higher. With a shorter distance, with the same movement of the Lever, You'll have a shorter cable recovery: the clutch will release with a stronger movement and the strength needed to activate the Lever will be lower.

For proper clutch installation, consult your local motorcycle mechanic
The Accossato Cable Clutch is provided with folding lever and integrated microswitch.

Adjusting knob is the same colour of the lever.
Material: Black anodised aluminium
Screw material: Stainless steel

with a lightening eyelet (RST) or without (NRST).

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You're in control

With adjustable reach settings, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to how your clutch feels. Tailor it to your riding style and preferences, whether you're tackling hairpin turns or cruising down the highway.

Ergonomic excellence

Long rides shouldn't mean sore fingers. These levers are ergonomically designed to reduce rider fatigue, guaranteeing that your bike always responds to your touch, no matter how epic the journey.

Built to last

Accossato doesn't do half measures. These levers are built to endure the toughest conditions, providing you with consistent performance ride after ride, adventure after adventure.

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