We’ve done the hard yards searching for the best gauges for custom motorcycles, we put them on a few of our bikes over the years, so check them out.

When looking for new products to add to custom bikes what I look for is that perfect match of functionality and style. I never recommend something unless I’ve used it myself and I know for a fact it’s going to live up to PBM Standards and our clients expectations. 

When it comes to the best speedometers and tachometers for custom motorcycles there are a few things that I look for.

  1. Will it operate without interference 
  2. Is the style of the product flexible enough to look good on any bike 
  3. Is it easy to install for garage builders 
  4. Value for money 

When I started using Daytona gauges, they ticked all the boxes. I started building them into motorcycles four years ago and over that time I’ve built them into cafe racers, scramblers, bobbers, choppers and all kinds of custom motorbikes. 

The other brands I tried looked nice, but the revs and speed would jump around – there was too much interference in the electronics and often the durability of the gauges wasn’t up to scratch. The other issue I came across was difficulty mounting them. I’m a custom bike builder, I like to try new things and I need the gauges I use to have the flexibility to match. Daytona gauges were the best operationally, with a clean classic style that have made them, in my opinion, the best gauges for custom motorcycles. 

Here’s a look at the Daytona gauges I’ve used on bikes over the years. 

Daytona Velona 48mm Motorcycle Gauges  

The 48mm Daytona gauges would look right at home on custom Bobbers or Choppers. Whether side mounted or handlebar mounted, they have that clean minimalist look you want on a Chopper/Bobber. The miniature size of the speedo and tacho make these units ultimately versatile. 

A few years back I built a Yamaha TW200 street tracker that, to be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about when I started. But as I sunk my teeth into the build I had so much fun. We built this bike in a retro style that looked like an urban assault vehicle meets Tron. 

By far my favourite modification on this bike was the side-mounted gauges. I used the Daytona Velona 48mm Tachometer and 60mm Speedometer. I know it seems weird to mount different sized gauges on a motorbike, it looked ridiculous and totally impractical, but I liked it. The oddity suited the custom street tracker and it made me smile whenever I looked at it.

Conveniently, the style of the Daytona gauges couldn’t have suited the bike more perfectly. The sleek matte black casing with the pops of blue really made the gauges a stand out piece. 

Daytona 48 Tachometer 9000rpm 

48mm Tachometer ready to install unit suitable for nearly any motorcycle.

Compact, and versatile the Velona 48 Tachometer reads up to 9000rpm and includes a shift light you can set to suit your custom build.

All Daytona gauges are supplied with a small mounting bracket the Daytona Velona gauges are easily mounted off your top yoke, headlight bracket or hung out the side of your tank.

Kit comes with :

  • Gauge
  • mounting bracket
  • additional wiring
  • installation instructions

Daytona Velona 48, Speedometer, 140Km/h

3 colour back-light, volt meter, bracket, (C.E.) E marked 

The Dayton Velona 48 Speedometer and Tachometer range is the cleanest and smallest high quality analog option when it comes to replacing your motorcycle gauges . The simple analog gauge face keeps it easy to read , even though this unit is so tiny!

The 48mm Motorcycle Speedo  can blend seamlessly into your custom build from a vintage to modern classic

Kit comes with :

  • Gauge
  • mounting bracket
  • additional wiring
  • installation instructions

Daytona Velona 60mm Motorcycle Gauges  

The Velona 60mm analogue speedo and tacho are the perfect gauges for vintage style Café Racers and Scramblers. The analogue face has the classic look with all the benefits of 21st century electrics. I have used the 60mm gauges the most on our custom motorcycle builds and they have been the most popular seller since we chucked them on our online store. 

When this 1974 Honda CB400 came to us the owner, Paddy, wanted us to bring the vintage Café Racer back from the dead to sell. As we started working on it, Paddy saw the updates we made, decided to keep it and to give it a rebirth. 

The emerald green and raw metal colour scheme looked right at home for the 70’s era motorcycle with a real fresh feel to it. With an electronics upgrade we settled on twin analogue 60mm Daytona gauges to stay true to the vintage feel of this beautiful Café Racer. They suited the front end of the bike so completely, and Paddy was stoked with the finished product. 

Daytona 60 Tachometer 9000rpm 

Black Tacho, 9000rpm, white LED lit, w/bracket, (C.E.), + red shift light. 

The Daytona Velona 60 Tachometer is a PBM favourite, clean, simple and with shift light included.

The Velona 60 tacho reads up to 9000 RPM and includes a shift light for all the bad boy racers out there.

Kit comes with :

  • Gauge
  • mounting bracket
  • additional wiring
  • installation instructions

Daytona 60 Speedo 200km/h with Indicators 

60mm Black speedo, 200km/h, w/bracket, (C.E.) E marked

COmes with built in dash lights 

Another PBM favourite, clean, simple and with dash lights included. 

The Velona 60 speedo reads up to 200km/h and includes dash lights to reduce the clutter on your custom build. 

The 60mm motorcycle speedo can blend seamlessly into your custom build. 

Kit comes with :

  • Gauge (proximity pick up not included) 
  • mounting bracket
  • additional wiring
  • installation instructions

Daytona Velona W Combo Speedo/Tacho

By this stage you’ve gotten on to the idea that I like simplicity with function. The combination speedometer/tachometer gauge hits the nail on the head in this respect. It’s a little larger than it’s counterparts, with an 80mm diameter with two easy to read dials. I’ve used the combination gauge on a couple of upcoming builds so get ready to see this a lot.

As a sneak peak into an upcoming build, I used the combination gauge on a Yamaha SR500 Scrambler that will be released soon. For this build the aim was simple – simple, pure and elegant. This was a legacy bike ridden by both a father and his son. They wanted to give the old Scrambler a revival and I was stoked to help them out.

We kept the design monochrome and simple, and the Daytona combo gauge fit the brief perfectly.



The Daytona Velona 80 Speedo/Tachometer is a PBM favourite, clean, simple and with shift light included.

The Velona 80 speedo/tacho reads up to 9000 RPM and includes a shift light for all the bad boy racers out there.

Supplied with a small mounting bracket the Daytona Velona gauges are easily mounted off your top yoke, headlight bracket or hung out the side of your tank.

Kit comes with :

  • Gauge
  • mounting bracket
  • additional wiring
  • installation instructions

Daytona Deva Digital Dash

The closest thing you can get to Jarvis from Ironman on a motorcycle.  All your bikes functions and diagnostics on one digital LCD screen. We’ve used the Deva digital dash on a number of scramblers, like our most recent builds, the Suzuki GN250 and the Yamaha DT400. This is my gauge of choice when instead of making the speedo and tacho a feature, you want it to disappear when not in use.

I like these Devas  because the rectangular shape allows it to be completely hidden in the dash set up behind a number plate or headlight. I chose to use the Deva digital dash on these motorbikes for two different reasons. 

The Suzuki GN250 was made with a challenge I put to myself to make the simplest, cleanest scrambler possible. The Deva fit the brief because its discreet design hid perfectly amongst the all black colour scheme and gave the motorcycle a modern accent.

On the Yamaha DT400 I was working with the opposite problem. This custom scrambler had a lot of bold design features, with an aggressive dirt bike silhouette. It felt wrong to be adding these clean circular gauges, it would have completely changed the feel of the dash. Even though the 70’s era motorbike couldn’t make use of all the Deva’s functions, it was the only way to go, and the result was a clean looking dash that brought the vintage scrambler into 2022. 

Daytona DEVA01 Multifunction Cockpit 

“DEVA-01” Multifunction Cockpit offers you an “ALL IN ONE” dash unit. All the necessary functions are included in a compact housing measuring (132L x 58W x 30H mm) or (5.2″ L x2.28″ W x1.2″ H). Designed to be used on motorcycles and ATV’s regardless of whether or not the vehicle generates an electrical speed signal (as a reed sensor is included in the kit). Two screw holes (M5) on the back of the housing allow for many mounting options. The included stainless steel bracket can be used on most types of handle posts, and the bracket can be spaced between 63mm to 112mm wide.


  • Dimensions: 132 x 58 x 25 mm (WxLxD)
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Black ABS housing
  • Stainless-steel bracket included
  • Speedometer, MPH (0-250 MPH) & KM/H (0-399KM/H) selectable
  • Odometer (0- 99.999 km/mile)
  • Dual trip odometer (0 – 99.999 km/mile)
  • Engine speed display 0-10,000 or 20,000 rpm
  • Clock (12h / 24h selectable)
  • Gear (N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / Top 4-6 selectable)
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Volt reading (8.0 – 18.0 Volt)
  • LED indicators (Turn signal left + right, Hi/Lo, Neutral, Oil pressure, Water temperature, Warning)
  • Fuel gauge (100/250/510 Ohm)
  • Oil temperature (0°C – 180°C / 32°F – 356°F)*
  • Water temperature (0°C – 180°C / 32°F – 356°F)*
  • Air temperature (-10°C – 60°C / 14°F – 140°F)* – (*Air temp sensor not included > see #89847 separately)
  • E-marked

* To use the temp and air temp functions, optional temp & air sensors are needed. 

Please note, this instrument does not work with 6V and is not suitable for batteryless (capacitor) type bikes.

Speed sensors: Kit includes a magnetic speed sensor, however if you prefer, you can buy one of the direct fit (model specific) type pulse sensors separately

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Generally for installs like this, you would need a breakout box.
you would have to do your own research to find this part.


Do you have a dual speedometer / tach gauge assembly that can work on a Caan bus. ie. Harley 2020 Breakout?


The article is titled:“The Best Gauges” for a reason. We’ve tried the other brands, and landed on Daytona. The only other brand I will use is Motogadget if requested but the style on the Daytona gauges is better.


So it’s really just a advert for Daytona gauges isn’t it? No mention of any other make whatsoever.


Hey Mike,

Daytona do have them, if you can email me your requirement I can help you out.
just hit the contact page


I’m looking for a tachometer for my 2008 Bonneville Triumph. I am putting an engine in it with a 10,500 rev limit. It would need to be electric because my bike came stock with no tach. Do you offer an electric tach with a high enough rev mark?



Michael Goodwin

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