Purpose Built Moto’s Switching Kit

Minimal handlebar switches and lighting control relay

When coming up with product ideas, I’m selfish. I think of my needs and wants as a bike builder. Then I make my components to suit those needs.

As it would happen, some of Purpose Built Moto’s customers are also into bikes and tend to like these products. Of late our minimal handlebar switches, and Black box lighting control module have been especially popular.

So in the interest of looking after the people that make Purpose Built Moto possible (you, yeah even if you’ve never bought anything. Just reading this blog is huge! So thank you, each and every one.)  We’ve now put together the Purpose Built Moto Switching kit.

This will give you everything you need to get rid of your bulky handlebar switches and control your motorcycle lighting with the use of our stylin push button switches. We’ve made 2 options for you :

Switching Kit 1: You’ll get the Purpose Built Moto Black Box, and your choice of 1 switch from our product range.

Switching Kit 2: You’ll get the Purpose Built Moto Black Box, and your choice of 2 switches from our product range.

These kits vary in price depending on what switches you choose but you can receive a discount of up to $30 AUD on your purchase.

This fit’s in line with our goal to eventually be able to provide our mates, – the builders in their garage slaving over their bike and being scalded by their partner for spending too much time in the shed- with a single stop for all their switching and lighting needs.And we’re almost there! With our expanding range of LED headlights, turn signals, handlebar switches and the control module to suit, all we need now is a brake light to round it out. Stay tuned.

For more info on the Black Box module, hit our YouTube channel

Thanks for taking the time


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