Air Filters for your Café Racer

Motorcycle Air Filters are a staple on any custom bike. From Café Racers to Street Trackers and all in between removing the air box and replacing it with some high-performance air filters is high up on most builder’s priority list. At Purpose Built Moto we like to make our own products where possible. When it comes to specialist items outside our knowledge range however, it’s good to trust an expert. Enter DNA performance filters. A European Performance Air filter company steeped in racing heritage.

Specialising in both on and off road performance Air filters, these guys know their stuff. I was looking for something extra to offer our growing customer base and settled on providing a high-quality performance component that 80% of custom enthusiasts and builders use. After a short conversation with their head engineer and all around good guy Marios, I knew DNA performance pod filters were a perfect fit. An Avid custom enthusiast himself, Marios understands both Purpose Built Moto’s objective in providing these products to people and the custom applications these filters are needed for. If you’re interested to check out Marios’ latest mind bending custom made from head to toe CNC bodywork and components.

Hell-bent on giving the most suitable pod filter option for every café racer, bobber, chopper and scrambler builder out there, DNA has released a comprehensive and best of all performance focused range of universal pod filters for all motorcycle types.

– Universal Fitment

– Lifetime re-usable filters (never need replacing)

– Available in brushed aluminium, Coloured Leather and Black Rubber styles.

– Huge range of colours, sizes and shapes.

In spite of what many pessimists will tell you, pod filters WILL work on your café racer project, A large amount of the problems arise from 2 things.

  1. Incorrect Jetting – needs to be correct for your bikes set up.
  2. Low pod filter quality – not providing proper filtering and/or resistance as well as improper flange manufacturing which can foul on main air jets.

On Offer now through the Purpose Built Moto Store in a huge range of sizes, here are the DNA Universal pod filter series.

Please check our air filters on the online store for sizing details and get in touch with any questions you may have about our partnership with DNA Performance Filters.

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The Scorpio was built years ago mate, Generally the hoses you’re talking about will be breathers just put a small filter on them.


I see in the pictures the engine is a 225 yamaha scorpio. With the air box removed and the pod filter installed. What then happens with the two hoses that also connected to the box? I’ve seen some use 12mm air filters. I see one nose going down to the bottom i take it thats just a uncovered breather? what about the other pipe as that sucks a fair bit of air?


Thanks mate, we like to stand behind good products.



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