Last time we caught up with Matt Mcvittie, we had the pleasure of getting his thoughts on our Dome 3 in 1 indicators. This time we got him back to review one of our Fender Fabrication and Tail Tidy Kits, and asked the question, how do you make a custom cafe racer fender?

Matt started his review by listing all of the different components in our build kits, then illustrated how he used all those parts to design the front and rear ends of one of his latest builds, the “Cosmic” XS650 that was featured on Pipeburn.

One of Matt's closing thoughts on our kits was “If you want to be creative and do something for yourself, but don't have the materials, these kits are the way to go.” So what's actually in the Fender Kits?

The Fender Kit:

Rear License Plate Mount 

  • Included License plate light (Matt loves)
  • Pre drilled so easy to select how to mount it
  • Stainless or Aluminum Options

Stainless Steel Flat Bar

  • Two different lengths and thicknesses
  • Used for designing mounting tabs 
  • Matt used them to make mounting washers and tabs that were welded to the frame.

Stainless Steel Round Bar

  • Two different lengths and thicknesses
  • Used for creating the spacers and bits between mounting tabs
  • Can be bent and shaped any way to be stylised
  • Mat used them to create a unique fender mount front and rear

Stainless Steel Threaded Bungs

  • Come with 4 different types of threaded bungs
  • Countersunk bungs for flush mounting
  • Non countersunk bungs for welding
  • Used to connect the mounting tabs and round bar to fenders 
  • M5 and M6 Thread sizes

Allen Bolts all stainless

  • Stainless steel bolts included in two different sizes 
  • M6 Thread
  • M5 Thread

Front & Rear Fenders

  • Rear and front fenders have a brushed aluminium finish to be painted or polished or do as Matt does and just leave it with the brushed ally.
  • The front fender has extra supporting strips so you can drill directly through the fender and mount the screws

We put these kits together to solve a huge problem custom motorcycle builders face. Buying small amounts of material. Most suppliers of steel and aluminium will not sell short individual lengths meaning that builders often have to buy a bunch of extra material they don't need making the process a bit tedious and expensive.

Matt has used all these parts to build both front and rear fenders that are tidy flush, and most of all look the way he wanted them to. Matt got to choose exactly how he was going to mount his fenders and got to design it all without having to worry about sourcing small amounts of material which is often an issue builders run into. “What I really love about this kit is that it allows you to do something for yourself. It allows you to tap into your creativity and decide exactly how you want something to look. Purpose Built Moto, they are the way to go.”

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