Slim Push 3 Button Switch Installation Guide

Here we’ll discuss what’s required when installing your new 3 button switches. This guide serves to aid your installation but things may be slightly different on your custom bike. To learn more about the use and wiring of your push button switches go and check out our motorcycle electrics 101 blog posts. They cover:

A guide to the electrics on your motorcycle.

Re-wiring your custom bike project.

For the installation of your 3 button switch you’ll need a few tools and some materials


  • 6mm to 10mm drill bit (dependant on wiring)
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Electric Drill
  • Soldering Iron
  • 3mm Allen Key
  • Thread locker
  • Water Seal Silicone or Marine Adhesive.
  • 75mm2 Insulated cable various colours
  • 3-5mm heat shrink

1. Install throttle, Hand Grips, Clutch and Front brake perch. Allow enough space for your Purpose Built Moto Slim Push Buttons to fit, and be used comfortably. If you haven’t got your grips yet 130mm is a pretty standard length from the end of your handlebar.

2. Remove push buttons from 3 button switch blocks

3. Fit Purpose Built Moto Slim Push 3 Button as shown and mark cable holes, taking care to install within comfortable reach.

4. Centre punch marked holes and drill 6mm to 10mm depending on your wiring needs. Taking care to be 90◦ to the face being drilled

5. It is recommended that the soldering of your switches be done prior to installation of the wiring, using a low heat soldering iron and holding the pushbutton in a vice. Too much heat can cause damage to the switch internals and limit switch life. Use enough cable to reach the termination point and limit joins.

6. As this is a slimline product, tolerances are small. Use the smallest possible solder join to ensure you are able to screw in the switch once the join is complete.

7. Fit pushbutton to switchblock, then use heat shrink sleeve on all terminals to protect from ground shorts.

8.Run wiring internally through handlebar, taking care of any sharp edges.

9.Use a small amount of thread locker while securing switch, with some silicone or marine adhesive spread around the switch base to seal the cable holes. No more than 4.5Nm is to be used when fastening switch block

10. Enjoy your Purpose Built Moto Product and be sure to send us a photo of your build on Instagram or Facebook!

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That sounds like a motone question to me… should have got PBM buttons!


my motone buttons came with two black cables attached to each button. how do i know which id ground and which goes to the m button


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