Help! How do I mount my headlight?!

This is one of the biggest problems we get asked about when different motorcycle builders are trying to figure out how to assemble their from end. We believe in the ethos, do it yourself; and therefore have designed a way for custom motorcycle builders to greatly simplify the process of mounting their headlight that requires no cutting, no welding, and no sitting there scratching your head to figure out why things don't line up!

We've got you covered with the Purpose Built Moto Universal Headlight Mounting Kit. This kit, sleek in black or silver and available for 35-39mm, 40-44mm, and 50-54mm forks, is all about making things easy and looking sharp.

The Steps:

Step 1:

There are two ways to go about the first step:

Option 1: Undo the clamps

Undo the clamps fully so you can wrap them around the shock then loose fit them.

Option 2:

Top Triple Clamp Off: Let’s start by getting that top triple clamp out of the way. This gives you clear access to where the magic happens.

Step 2

Clamps On: Loosen those clamp screws and slide them onto your front forks. It's as easy as it sounds, no fuss, no muss.

Step 3

Pivot Bolt Out: With the clamps in place, pop out the center pivot bolt. Keep it handy, you’ll need it soon.

Step 4 (Optional)

Indicator Wires: Using our indicators? Now’s the time to thread those wires through the mount and the headlight.

Step 5

Lock It Down: Get that securing bolt or indicator thread through the center pivot and into the headlight. Make it snug, but don't go Hulk on it. Once one side is complete the bracket will support the weight of the headlight so you can go ahead and do the other side.

Step 6

  • Alignment Time: Adjust it, line it up, then tighten it down. Precision is key here.
  • Test Run: All done? Sweet, hit the road and see how it looks in action!

That’s it – a straightforward, no-nonsense install with our Universal Headlight Mounting Kit. It’s all about making your build a bit smoother and a lot cooler. Ride on!

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