Bringing Custom Dreams to Life: The Royal Enfield Build Kit

After receiving so much positive feedback and numerous inquiries about our Royal Enfield Scrambler build, featured in our previous blog here, we realized how many of you are eager to undertake similar projects. To support your passion for custom builds, we're thrilled to introduce our specially designed build kit for the Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT.

Complete Kits

If you would like to buy the complete kit please click this link:

Introducing the Build Kit

Inspired by our own scrambler project, this kit includes everything needed to bring a touch of Purpose Built Moto’s style into your garage. Here's a look at what the kit includes:

7" Flashpoint Headlight

Our robust 7" Flashpoint headlight is a cornerstone of the kit. Choose between silver and black to match your bike's style while improving visibility.

Headlight Mount Kit (40-44mm)

A proper fit is crucial for stability and style. Our headlight mount kit is tailored to ensure your new headlight fits flawlessly and with ease, available in both silver and black.

Scrambler Mirrors

Tidy up the front end with some minimalist Scrambler Mirrors. Available in silver and black, these mirrors do away with the oversized OEM mirrors bikes typically come with.

Bar End Mount Kit

Our bar end mount kit ensures an easy fit for the mirrors, available in both silver and black, complementing the overall design.

Tail Tidy and Plate Light

Keep the rear of your bike looking clean and sharp with our tail tidy and plate light. This component is designed to integrate seamlessly, enhancing the bike's rear profile while maintaining compliance with road regulations.

Dome 3-in-1 Indicators

Our Dome 3-in-1 indicators in both silver and black are compact and efficient, providing turn, brake, and tail light capabilities in a minimalist design.

Torpedo Mufflers

Complete your build with our Torpedo mufflers, which not only enhance the sound of your Royal Enfield but also add a finishing aesthetic touch to its overall look.

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newcomer to motorcycle customization, our kit is designed to give you the ability to bring your vision to life. We offer components in both silver and black to ensure that every aspect of your custom project can reflect your personal style while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

Complete Kits

Complete Kits

If you would like to buy the complete kit please click this link:

Check out the parts on our website, linked above, and start making your bike your own. We are here to help you make your dream bike a reality, providing everything needed in one complete kit.

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Hi James,

We use a set of Tapered MX bars, and risers to suit. the bend type is up to you.


Hey Dan,

Minor modifications generally don’t need engineering, a tail hoop on most bikes doesn’t effect any major structural parts of the frame. That said it will usually be treated case by case when getting your bike on the road.


Looks great guys – do you recommend specific handlebars – I see the video showed pro taper – do they require risers?

James Harley

Just came across these articles, awesome read as I starting my first project bike build using a 1982 Kawasaki GPZ550.

How do you go with engineering when modifying the frame for example when adding a tail hoop?

From what Ive gathered so far here in Vic I need an engineers certificate signing off the hoop, minimum price Ive found so far is $1200.

Keep up the good work.


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