Triumph Scrambler- Bonneville T100

Ty from Night Craft Bobbers and myself had been talking about projects we were doing separately for some time before deciding to put our heads together on a Triumph Scrambler project. It was a bit outside their normal scope of LAMs approved Bobbers but they were keen to get their hands dirty on a scrambler build. The Triumph Bonneville T100 was to be the donor bike and had to meet a few Criteria.

  • Comfortable on the street
  • A Blast off road
  • Stylish enough to do either of those things and turn heads.

I had never worked on a Bonneville before so the first step was to strip it down and see what we were looking at, the frame lends itself to easy modification and the stock tank has a great nostalgic look to it already.

First on the list was to shorten the frame on the rear and weld in a new tail plate. I wanted to keep the tail very minimal so some Purpose Built Moto indicators were fitted inside the frame tubes and an LED strip light fixed under the seat. The guys from Nightcraft wanted to use as many of the standard parts as possible to keep the time down on the build.  The stock seat pan was stripped, cut down and re-foamed before having it re-upholstered in tan leather. While re-shaping the seat I wanted to get a truly off road look and feel when riding, I put an extra 50mm on top of the standard seat height which lifts the rider up and closer to the tank.

The riding position was then completed with the addition of some Pro-taper Tracker bars and Custom 1.5” risers from local lads Burleigh Bars.

The scrambler was finished out with the wheels in matte black and wrapped in some epic Heidenau-  K-60 scout tyres. The tank was re-sprayed keeping the original paint style with the addition of a matte black detail over what was originally a cream white, separated by a gold pin-stripe. Something was missing on the tank so I went back and in-layed a gold detail on the original Triumph tank badge, it took forever but I can’t help myself with these things. If it needs it, it needs it.

The exhaust was kept underslung and shown in the Gallery with the addition of our brand new High Ball Cone Mufflers. A stainless steel pie cut beast of a pipe with plenty of growl. The final touch on the off-road monster was the addition of an original Purpose Built Moto LED headlight. Soon to be available in 5 ¾” and 7” sizes for fork or bottom mount application.

Mods list round up:

The Triumph Scrambler is now Available for sale, Located at Nightcraft Bobbers on the Gold coast. Contact Ty Here for enquiries.

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Thanks for reaching out greg, wishing you a speedy recovery mate


Hi Tom, Love ya bike in a situation of rehabilitation from an motorcycle accident in Austria and Covid restrictiions I modified my T100 2011 Bonneville Black for a more upright Adventure style ridn with longer travel suspension etc..

I did lots of modifications and still need to install more aggressive tyres maybe Anakee Wild tyres and should you be interested you may see my bike on Triumphrat forum or internet search Gregs Adventure Bonnie.

Gre Treble

Thanks for your opinion Stan, I do agree. But with that, none of those items are necessary when hitting the dirt. nice to have for sure, but unless you’re going heavily off road, they’d just be dead weight.


I’m interested in converting my 2017 T100 to a more off-road or 50/50 bike, but I don’t understand making this “off-road” without adding a skid plate or upgrading suspension or adding crash bars or adding hand guards. This would still be a mall-crawler with the occasional loose pebble on the road. With that said, still a nice build.


Thanks Robert!

You can do a tubeless tyre conversion by sealing the spoke nipples from the inside of the rim, or run tubes, its up to you.


Hey guys awesome work. I am looking at putting some K60s on my T120. Did you have to convert the rim to work with tubeless tires? Thanks!

Robert W

they feel great on the highway, much better than most 50/50 tyres youll ride on.
Although they can wear a little quick that’s the price you pay for on/off road tyres


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