We’ve come to the end of another build series. This time our donor was a 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 401. We’ve taken it from stock, to Street Tracker over 4 build episodes and are giving our fans and customers the chance to own this bike through a competition we’re running. You can own the husky by getting yourself a ticket via our sticker pack promo.

The transformation of the Husqvarna Vitpilen was a quick one, but it leaves the bike almost unrecognisable from where we started. The custom street tracker build received a mix of aesthetic and performance enhancements.

Starting with some custom work to improve the riders position. A set of risers were welded onto the top yoke and a set of Renthal MX bars added. We’ve also modified the factory footpegs to move the riders feet forward about 40mm. Instantly creating a more Motard style seating position for a more engaging and comfortable ride.

At the core of this build, I just wanted it to be fun. Smile inspiring, something any rider could get on, enjoy the shit out of, and get off telling his mates – ‘Holy Shit you gotta ride this thing’. That was my driver.

The factory turn signals have been swapped out for a set of Purpose Built Moto Hollowtips, with the brake light being hand made using some sheet metal and Acrylic that’s Backlit by an LED strip. The only lighting left unchanged was the very definitive 401 Headlight.

Removing the stock swing arm mounted rear fender and plate mount we’ve fabricated a clean, minimal tail tidy that tucks neatly under the brake light.

With a lot of the small parts tucked in and tidied up the Husqvarna Vitpilen started to treat into motard territory. Leaning into that a high sided stainless steel exhaust was fabricated, and ends with a hand made muffler. The replacement exhaust sounds unbelievable. The bark from the high revving 400 single sounds straight from trackside at your local MX park.

The intake also received a huge upgrade with the DNA performance filter Stage 2 kit. Replacing the standard filter, and the air box lid with a second filter cartridge that drastically improves airflow and give a huge boost to the throttle response. If you have one of these bikes, you have to get this kit – it’s a huge booster.

We had our mate Josh from ride design co in to get designing a new graphics kit. Opting for this route over a custom paint job was a fun process. We took qeues from the Husky Enduro and MX lines using blues, greys and white and removing the fluro yellow from the standard vitpilen colourway.

Some smaller parts like the front fender mounts and radiator shrouds had to be painted to colour match the graphics kit. During this process the swing arm was removed for black powdercoat as well.

One of the final pieces for the street tracker husky was the seat. Timeless Autotrim delivered once again, the perfect fit for this bike. Using the design to tie through our ideas on a motard driven custom. We used a grey gripper material accented with some husky blue gripper strips. The stock seat received a minor reshape that again gives the rider more room and furthers the Motard look of the bike.

Dropping the bench down on the husky Vitpilen and getting out for its first ride was a heap of fun. Everything about this bike screams enjoyment. With the bike breathing easier, the punchy 400cc single has been livened up a lot, and the weight we’ve managed to strip off it made the already light weight ride even more nimble. Winding the Vitpilen Street tracker out its hard to keep the front wheel down in lower gears.

All of this makes for a head turning ride that begs to be ridden, and ridden hard. The best part of it all, is you could own it. So make sure you jump in on our competition.

Get a Husky Sticker Pack to enter the Competition. You will be in for the chance to win:

  • The completed Husqvarna Vitpilen
  • A Mintenance kit supplied by Motul Australia
  • A Makita tool kit and tote

Thanks to our sponsors for making this motorcycle build project possible: Makita AustraliaPipeburn, United Tools Burleigh, DNA Performance Filters, Motul Australia, and Ninefivers. And to Sticker Mule for providing the Husky Stickers. Produced with their new design tools Trace​, Upscale​, and Redraw​ that make it easy to create your own custom stickers.

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Thanks for dropping us a line nick.

I’ve emailed you.


Watched this build as I’ve recently purchased a Vitpilen 401. Firstly the content you guys are putting together is right up there, keep at it and no doubt the YouTube channel will explode beyond what it already is. Subscribed and consuming all the content! Feed me.

Loving the ride and feel of my Vitpilen 401 but seeking some changes for comfort on longer rides as I’m not getting any younger. Ta-dah, I find your video and love how you modified the existing triple clamp / clip-on setup with the bar risers. The Svartpilen replacement kit doesn’t tickle me the right way.

Better yet and much to my amazement you guys are located on the Gold Coast, right on my door step, thank you motorbike gods. What are the chances you’d be able willing to replicate the bar replacement on Hilda, my Swedish Husky.

If you’d be happy to do so please shoot me an e-mail with a Quote. I also have some custom seat ideas I was contemplating down the road. Anyway keep up the great work and hopefully I’ll hear from you lads soon.

Nick Firth

Im from India n I hv vitpilen 250,i like the graphics which is given husky logo with stunning colors,I want to customize same, can u pls send me a link. M waiting for ur reply


No Mate, A lot of the work here is intended 1 of 1, I try not to recreate too many simple parts like this. Bolting on parts isn’t what custom means to us.


The tail tidy looks awesome. By far the nicest solution for this bike. Is there any chance you’ll do a small batch of it to sell it?


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