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As part of Purpose Built Moto’s commitment to provide our supporters, and customers with a second to none customer experience, and high-quality services. We are now providing in house motorcycle seat upholstery and custom motorcycle seat building for our customers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The Builds that roll out of the shop always get a lot of attention whether that be internationally, locally, online or by your dad walking down the beach and gawking at one of the bikes as its owner is grabbing a beer. A big part of the stripped back bikes I build is the custom seat. The seat and the upholstery that matches can be a make or break piece on your custom bike.

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As part of this new venture, Purpose Built Moto will be offering a bespoke seat building service on the side of our turnkey custom bikes and parts manufacturing. Whether you need a simple re-cover or re-upholstery job, right up to a complete custom seat pan and custom foam shaping. We can now provide you with a simple solution to your custom seat needs. Only sourcing high-quality bespoke upholstery leather from my network of tannerys and using the best quality seating foam, give your café racer, bobber or chopper a unique hand-built bike seat.

If you’re building a café racer or similar styled bike, it’s one of the most important aesthetic touches. Getting the right tone leather, matching it with a fitting stitch pattern and setting it off with a nice thread colour can be quite the task. Purpose Built Moto can now help you get that show class finish on your bikes seat with none of the running around and headaches. Often you’ll find a trim shop that might be able to do an amazing car or boat interior, but a custom bike seat is a whole new ball game. As with everything we do, it needs to be done with a passion and understanding of what the owner wants out of his ride, how it should not only look but feel.

I’ve been on the hunt for a talented upholsterer for some time, I’ve found a few and was happy with the end product but there was often something lacking. There was no heart in their work, and that shows through. I will admit to not being the most skilled craftsman however what I do I give my everything, I needed a partner that matched my enthusiasm.

Finally, I have found Jamason, a young upholsterer with a keen eye for finish and detail, and most importantly a burning want to do the best work he can possibly do. I did the only thing that was appropriate when I received 2 beautiful seats from the guy. First I recommended him to everyone I know, then I offered him a partnership role with Purpose Built Moto. Give us a call or email today to book your bike in to receive a handcrafted upholstery seat worthy of the effort you’ve put in on the build already.

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Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Read our guide if you wish.
the motorbiker

Thanks again :)

ASH Green

Hi Petes, I’ve just seen this. If you’d like to come have a chat shoot me an email to or call on 0408394558


I have a 2011 triumph rocket that I would like to do a bit of customisation including the seat, can I make an appointment to come and have a chat, I am located at PALM beach so not too far away, 0432342590

Peter Coulston

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