Our first custom motorcycle for 2022, a 2006 Triumph Thruxton Scrambler

With the release of our first wide wheel scrambler in 2021, there was another project in the kitchen that started at exactly the same time – a Carburetted Triumph Thruxton Scrambler 900, the older brother of the Black 2017 T100. Purchased in Bathurst, and sent up to us for surgery.The rider Hugh wanted this bike to be his fun Sunday run around. He has a Speedmaster for long distance riding, and a Harley Davidson Shovelhead to make sure there’s always something to work on in his shed. The main goal of this bike was to create a bike fun to rip around on, a few gravel roads, but most of all to be an object of envy for his mates. 

The bike itself was complete, but run down, and neglected for what looked like a very long time. There was a poorly fitted tracker tail, some dodgy lighting and bent suspension mounts on the rear as well as rear sets. The most interesting of the past mods was a thinned out tank. That had been cut and shut, that actually looked pretty good. 

We started on the Triumph Thruxton Scrambler by getting the bike running and riding like it should, the rear suspension mounts were removed and rebuilt. Brakes gone through, rebuild and braided lines made for the set-up, with a set of Accossato levers. The carbs were swapped out with a set of Mikuni RS and DNA pod filters, that’s made a huge difference in power delivery. An aftermarket ignition was also fitted up. This has to be the best upgrade you can get for these bikes if looking for a power upgrade. 

The wide wheel kit has come from Canyon Motorcycles who PBM is now distributing for in Australia. A very simple aftermarket triple clamp and bolt on wheel kit that comes with everything you need to run a 150 wide front tyre, with a 180 Rear. It’s probably the easiest way to take your Bonneville from bland to “what the fuck is that thing” in the course of a few hours.  Black on Black wheels wrapped in Continental TKC 80’s.

We’ve custom fabricated a front fender for the bike, that you wont see here because well… it looks way better without it. The front end also got hit with a set of Protaper bars, and the full Purpose Built Moto lighting suite. A 7” flashpoint classic and integrated indicators

The electrics are controlled by the Purpose Built Moto Black Box Control Relay, an M-unit alternative that we’ve developed over the last few years. This tiny module hides just about anywhere on your bike and allows you to run the super clean handlebars switches to control your lighting and start/stop functions. 

The tail of the bike has been chopped and shortened up, and the stock side covers removed to be replaced by some hand made aluminium covers with some ally extrusion detailing. Another stand out piece on the bike especially in that stone brown and black colour way. We’ve also modified a set of late model Triumph Scrambler pegs that give the rider a better upright position with the addition of the MX style bars. 

The exhaust we wanted to build high, a set of custom stainless headers have been fabricated that meet on the right side of the engine and make a B-line for the tail, the 2-1 collector is placed just before the muffler which gives the bike a great bark and sounds amazing on over run coming into a corner. Delivering the music from those headers is a Purpose Built Moto 2” torpedo muffler

I was out on a ride one afternoon and saw the 2021 Defender in this amazing stone colour after a quick search I found the colour code for Gondwana Stone and sent that off to our painters to be laid down on the tins. While that was being done the seat was sent for a coat of leather at timeless auto trim. A glossy black hide was used to match in with our colour scheme. 

Going for a rip on the Triumph Thruxton Scrambler is a good bit of fun, the tyres although knobby have a good profile so allow decent handling on the road. The biggest drawcard of this bike has got to be the sound that echoes through the hills as you ring out the Triumph twin. Well that and the people pulling up next to you at the lights and drooling on their car windows.

If you want to see more of this customised 2006 Triumph Thruxton Scrambler, make sure you watch our YouTube clip below and leave us a comment. See you on the next one!

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