Being our first vintage triumph, I’d never actually ridden one of the old triumph twins. About 3.5 seconds into my test ride I fully understood why these bikes were just so damn popular. The sound from the exhaust and rattle of the engine is what draws you in, then you rip back the throttle and the dinosaur can move! Surprisingly fast and with the suspension brought into line it’s a killer bike to get around on. 

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Just watched the you tube vid on this bike. very cool. and very much more the GC cruiser than the vernacular. I’d very much love something similar someday that’s just a out for a spin instead of the Indian Chieftain I’m currently riding. Had a Harley Sportster till recently but I’m looking for that classic cruiser preferably a Triumph in a late 60’s preferred. I’ll keep searching and dreaming, thanks for the content.

Scott Rubie

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