What do you think of when I say XT250? for me its a Grassy Paddock, a mid 40's bloke in a plaid flannel shirt, chasing chooks in some Stubby shorts and work boots. (that's my dad)
When I set out on this project, I wanted to create something far from that image. A bike so far from a chook chaser that it would make more sense running around livestock on an R1.

Minimized, Modernized and sharpened up back to front. The XT250 was built to resemble a modern Motocross bike, with some styling qeues pulled from the Iconic Factory XT styling.
The frame received some surgery, with a handmade exhaust fitted on the 4 stroke single. Snaking through the frame and finished with a modified FMF muffler. Continuing the sharp style with some handbuilt aluminium fairings and LED light plate.
The Factory XT colours were carried from the tank to the rest of the custom build, the finished product being a capable cross over between a street bike and all out motocrosser.
Nimble and incredibly fun on the road, pointing this bike down a dirt track revealse its true purpose. The thin frame and light weight ride provides miles of smiles wherever you choose to ride it.

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