Looking at this CX500, you would never beleive where the entire design stemmed from. A session on my CAD program where I modelled a new Muffler design sparked the whole process in motion. Stripped to boxes of parts and rebuilt again from the ground up, this sharp and modern take on a forgettable retro bike demands attention.
Shaped from the engine up, and working with the wide shoulders of the bike the top line details from any angle scream aggressive. The thin and high set rear subframe with a lowered suspension set gives the CX500 a go fast feel. With a huge amount of weight lost through rebuilding the wheels, all aluminium subframe, carbon fiber body work and fenders. The CX500's gain's in rear wheel horsepower through performance upgrades have delivered a brutal accelleration curve and a sound that just can't be beaten.
Some of the notable features here include,

  • the dark colour way with polished raw metal highlights- custom mounted steering damper, aluminium frame tubes, frame plugs and radiator shroud-
  • Carbon Fibre tail peice and front fender - conceived and shaped during a psychadelics fueled design session
  • Custom Intake, upgraded carbs and DNA performance filters
  • Black Alcantara seat
  • Silver leaf detailed tank and PBM signature
  • 2 into 1 into 2 raw finished exhaust and muffler

This CX500 is a true reflection of my skill set as of early 2018. Delivering a ride thats as interesting to look at as it is fun to ride. Make sure you check out the fun we had with an operation video idea, as serious as bike building can get, its important to remember to have fun with it too!

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