Dome X 3 in 1 LED light Chrome

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Dome x LED turn brake tail light

All of our 3-in-1 LED turn signals are e-marked (E13)

Measuring at a tiny 23mm Diameter these LED indicators keep the clean look of your custom motorcycle intact while making sure your intentions are clear to everyone else.  The Dome X is a complete solution to your signal lighting. With both Red and Amber High intensity LED included in one small package. The Dome x can be used as a turn/brake/tail with the addition of a simple 2 way splitter available in our store, or simply used a minimal and clasically styled turn signal.

Easy to install, totally adjustable and backed by Purpose Built Moto’s 12 month warranty. You’ve just found the perfect 3 way LED light.


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Dome X LED Turn Brake Tail Light Chrome

Our highly rated LED turn signals have received a huge upgrade. Now running Red and Amber LED lighting in one compact package. As you’ll see below, Purpose Built Moto has taken our experience and your feedback and turned out an amazing all rounder. Complementing the skill of the builder, the Dome X Turn/Brake/Tail light is the obvious choice for any discerning motorcycle enthusiast.
Having undergone a total re-design from the inside out, we managed to improve the functionality adding a brake light while keeping the turn signal housing the same size. The mounting options have been improved with a 3 piece design, allowing the user to disassemble and modify the offset easily.
Minimalistic and Super bright. These LED indicators are designed to be barely noticeable until you switch them on!

  • Billet aluminium with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • M8 size mounting hardware
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  •  High intensity LED Red and Amber
  •  Machine polished surface
  • 23mm Diameter x 40mm Length
  • Brake/Tail Splitter available

10 reviews for Dome X 3 in 1 LED light Chrome

  1. Dwaine

    Just got a set of four and the build quality on these signals is fantastic. You’ll appreciate the wire length as you install. These signals very bright, their style and size really clean up the look of my build – see photo.
    Outstanding product – five stars!!

  2. Caylum

    Bright,small,clean and did I mention bright! Love these turn signals, every other indicator I looked at looked cheap, the build quality and quality of the materials used is top notch! Get some!

    • Tom

      Great to hear Caylum. Stoked that you’re happy with the lights. Thanks for the review.

  3. Sam

    Awesome little blinkers, and a great business. Tom went out of his way to help out and make them available for me to pick up at short notice. Would recommend PBM to anyone. Thanks!

  4. Drew

    These indicators are great, they feel of the highest quality and are really super bright, i was worried the size meant they wouldn’t be seen very well but even embedded in the tail of my frame you can seem them flashing away super brightly. very impressed.

  5. Alex

    The only surprise that I had with this product is how small they are. I ordered a 4pk and when it was delivered I thought that it had been short shipped because the packet was so small, but they were all there! What it lacks in size it makes up for in visibility though, I plugged it into the relay and it lit up my dark little garage. It was also important to me that they had a strong mounting point as I use my indicator mounts as a tiedown point for a duffle bag, and these bad boys do the trick. My old bike was 6volt and indicators were a consumable for me but these guys will be the last indicators I ever buy!

  6. Adam Carson

    I bought the indicators as i was searching everywhere for a small light. These were the smallest I found from a reputable business (no ebay crap) and I cant be happier. Definately bright enough and the machine work is great. I paired these up with the black box and slim 2 button switches and couldn’t be happier

  7. Andy Stefanic

    These look perfect on my ‘74 Honda CB! Well designed product inside and out, and we’re small enough for my liking. Super bright as described. Will order again on my next build!

    • Tom

      Thanks for the feedback Andy, Stoked you love our turn signals!

  8. Pantaleon Silva

    I ordered 2 pairs to accompany the headlight and rear tail light I purchased from Purpose Built Moto. I own a 2008 Triumph Scrambler and had to modify the wires connecting to the idiot signal light indicator with diodes to allow the turn signals to glass freely. Note that if this is not done you you will encounter hyper flash. You can either remove the indicator lightbulb or add a resistor as other methods to avoid the hyper flash. Overall great product and I love them. Small but very bright. Plan on purchasing more in the future if and when I get another bike.

  9. Lance Abel

    I ordered these lights after searching everywhere for a simple, low profile solution to my need for rear turn signals. This product arrived in the midwest USA quickly and without issue. The quality of the lights well surpasses any that I have purchased in the past. They are quality built and the lowest profile of any turn signal I have yet seen. Additionally, they exceed my expectations with the light they produce. They’re far brighter than any turn signal or brake light that I have installed with the exception of a few full sized LED products. These lights work well with electronics that I acquired here in the states to run them. I could not ask more from this product and will absolutely be ordering from purpose built moto again.

    • Tom

      Hi Lance,

      You’re our winner!
      I’ll email you your prize shortly. Thanks for leaving a review!

  10. Vishal

    This product looks SO small and too good….. I love this very much… I am from India… How I get this??

    • Tom

      Hi Vishal, We ship to India, you can get a price for shipping in the online store.

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