We recently got our hands on a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, while not all changes were made in-house, the bike is a prime example of how small adjustments can improve both looks and functionality, especially for riders with a penchant for adventure.

Initial Mods Done by the Owner

Before arriving at our shop, the bike's owner, Matt, had already started modifying his ride. Due to a long waitlist for the shop, he hopped on our online store and purchased several Purpose Built Moto products, including mirrors, our seven-inch flash point headlight, and front indicators. These simple mods set the stage for the further customizations that would be carried out in house.

If you are curious about how to install one of our headlights on a Royal Einfield click here.

Some of our main tasks involved fitting the bike with new mufflers and creating custom bag racks to suit Matt's touring needs. Understanding that Matt carries camera gear and other essentials on his rides, we fabricated a robust rack setup to accommodate the Royal Enfield's add on hard bags and an additional rack over the seat for extra storage.

A key part of the customization was adjusting the bike's tail section. We modified the tail hoop, reducing its length by about 30mm to tighten up the bike's rear end appearance. This allowed us to mount one of our tail tidies with 3-in-1 dome LED indicators, serving as the tail and brake light, and one of our plate lights for a minimalistic yet functional look.

For the bike's racks, we used the pillion peg brackets for the lower mounts and crafted additional points under the frame for easy removal. This setup ensures Matt can swiftly transition from city riding to adventure touring with the ability to install or remove his bags in 5 minutes flat. Furthermore, to give the bike better stance and comfort for long rides, we modified the factory seat into a more flat, brat style and had it reupholstered in black leather with a traditional roll. Cheers Jammo from Timeless Auto Trim!

On the front, the Interceptor was given a seven-inch flash point headlight and a set of scrambler mirrors for enhanced visibility and style. Paired with lower-style pro taper bars and custom risers, the bike's handling and overall look was improved.

The main modification we were responsible for was the custom wheel setup. With black powder-coated hubs laced to aluminum Excel rims, and wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, the interceptor was ready for the road and the dirt, an important aspect for any adventure rider.

Understanding the need for performance to match the bike's rugged new look, we wanted to give the bike a bit more poke. To compliment the recently installed mufflers, we installed the performance air filter upgrade kit by DNA Air Filters, who happen to be today’s quick fix sponsor. These modifications ensure the Interceptor 650 can breathe and get a bit more air across the head giving the interceptor a bump in performance.

The burnt orange paint was delivered by Matt from his painter in brisbane. On completion We've thrown a leg over and taken the bike for a quick few laps around town, The 270 deg parallel twin puts out an incredible note through the torpedo mufflers. The new rider stance gives a sportier more in control feel to through the bars and the Dual sport Pirelli tyres feel at home on the street. We didn't get to enjoy it for too long, but I'm sure our rider Matt will put plenty of miles on the bike and let it lead him on many adventures.

If you are wanting to get us to build your next Scrambler in Australia get in touch here!

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Great work once again !!! My resto days have come to a halt. The ageing process has taken its toll. Cheers


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