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Ever wanted to tackle your own custom build? Here at Purpose Built Moto we focus on producing parts and information to assist you in modifying your own bike.

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The Works Kit includes everything you see in the lighting and fender fabrication kit. This provides you with a total top to bottom set of parts for the DIY garage builders.

Covering a total lighting and switch upgrade, with a tail tidy kit and two custom fenders with mounting materials. If you're ready to give your bike a complete upgrade,

Check out the two works kits we have on offer. You get to chose your style and colour, we've taken care of the rest.

The Works Kit 7″ Headlight


We have been making LED motorcycle lighting since our early days. The headlights are one of our most praised products and one of the most popular ways to customise a motorcycle. The lighting kits indclude LED headlights, indicators and tail lights which have a minimalist design and classic colours.

Built to withstand all weather, save energy consumption and add a modern, unique look to your motorcycle.


Most of our builds get totally re-wired using our Black Box module and Handlebar Push Button Switches. These cut down a lot of the wiring loom. 

Using these accessories in your wiring is the simplest and neatest way we’ve found to make sure your motorcycle electrics run reliably while simplifying the job so anyone can do it.


Our fabrication Kits are universal so that you can use them to make something unique on your build. You can use them to make your own front fender, to mount your headlight to your motorcycle's forks... whatever you come up with really! 

So you want to have a custom motorcycle. Should you look into bolt-on kits, or should you buy a second hand bike and customise it?Well, the answer is pretty straightforward to us. But it really comes down to three things: how much time you want to put into it, how much you want to spend and how handy you are. If you know your way around mechanics and know some electrics, we encourage you to give it a crack. Make it a fun project and challenge yourself. Our website is packed with building blogs, youtube videos and product installation guides to shine some light in the right direction and encourage you to build something completely unique.

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