Our customers and long time followers would have seen these Universal Motorcycle Mirrors evolve over the last few years.

We started by hand making/modifying this style of mirror out of an existing product and we quickly worked out a few kinks on some custom installs through the PBM workshop. This blog will walk you through the creation of our Universal Scrambler Mirrors Kit, and the many ways it can be used on your motorcycle. 

Our first trials lead to a small production run of custom mirror arms that allowed us to more broadly test these mirrors on a range of different bikes. We sold these to a limited number of customers for feedback on their own motorcycles. 

The feedback was great! Having our customers install the universal motorcycle mirrors on a range of different bikes all over the world really helped us refined the product to make them all they could be. The kit needed a few changes and some additional parts to make sure that when you install them you have the most options available to you.

These inclusions and upgrades for our universal motorcycle mirrors were: 

1. A slightly longer mirror arm with a sharper bend. 

This update allows the mirror more clearance on modern motorcycles where the riser mount handlebars can impede over the tank at full steering lock. Allowing easier install on a wider range of bikes. The changes added an overall 30mm to the arm length and a 5 degree tighter bend on the arm. 

2. Inclusion of spacers for bar end mounting options. 

Generally when you see these mirrors we will mount them under the lever pivot, that’s my favourite way to install these. Some custom motorcycles will dictate a bar end set up is far better suited. So we’ve included these spacers to make sure if that’s what you need, you’ll have the hardware to do it.
The spacers we’ve included will allow fitment to 1” and 7/8” steel and aluminium bars, as well as the MX thick wall taper bars we often use on our scramblers. 

3. Additional Fasteners 

All levers are different, so we’ve covered as many bases as possible. Adding some Extra long M6 fasteners for when the standard lever pivot bolt isn’t quite long enough. Replacing the bolt gives you more room to play with. On some occasions a spacer may be needed, but this changes from lever to lever so it’s almost impossible to try and supply.
We’ve also included grub screws and threaded rod for ease of use when installing the Café racer mirrors in the bar end mount configuration. Making sure the fit is as tight as possible to the end of your bars. We’ve done this to address the common complaint of bar end mirrors adding too much width to your handlebars. 

These upgrades have allowed us to broaden the amount of riders who can use these mirrors, while making sure to stay true to our less is more design philosophy for parts. These universal fit motorcycle mirrors do their job well, look good doing out, won’t break your budget and are a simple installation part nearly any garage rider can fit themselves. 

Here are what some of our customers had to say about the universal motorcycle mirrors

“I Ordered these mirrors for my Ducati Scrambler and they are awesome, high quality and easy to fit. Using the brake/clutch as a place to install them is genius and the visibility is way better than the original mirrors. Now just need to order another set for my gn250, thanks pbm” – Stuart

“Great mirrors. I ordered a pair of these for my Suzuki scrambler and they’re a nice clean looking addition to the bike. Thanks for the tip on the installation too – wouldn’t have through to install them on the levers. My brother said he liked them so I’m getting a pair for him Christmas, thanks PBM!” – Terrence


To get your hands on a pair for your bike click this check out the Universal Motorcycle Mirrors in our Online Store.

For more info on the installation be sure to check out our installation guide here

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