There are plenty of Universal tail tidy kits out there, and this one is mine. On the surface it looks like a painfully simple design. It is. However this simple plate of aluminium (or stainless steel) took me 5 years to land on.

To Skip the details and get your hand on one hit the link below:

DIY Tail Tidy kit Aluminum

DIY Tail Tidy kit Stainless Steel

I’ll tell you why, but first I’ll tell you about the end product. Manufactured in Australia out of 3mm thick aluminium plate , or 2.5mm stainless steel the Purpose Built Moto Tail tidy kit covers all bases and installation types. Designed to be bolted on, welded on, used with or without the included turn signal brackets, under your café racer tail or mounted upright on a sissy bar. All of these options and anything in between we’ve used out tail tidy kit on all of them.

Above: Our GR650 Scrambler with rear fender and Tail tidy welded on.

Then we decided to start making a lot more of them and offer them to the garage builders who might not have the tools or materials to get the job done to this high standard. In this article I’ll show you a few photo examples and also explain what we’ve done to the kit in terms of lighting and fit up.

Our universal tail tidy kit is a DIY solution making your life easy when it comes to the weekend upgrade on the tail of your motorcycle. Get the kit, bend it to your desired angle and mount at will The design includes:

  • Sturdy material thickness in Aluminium or stainless steel
  • Pre-drilled holes for number plate mount
  • Pre drilled mounts for LED plate light
  • Turn signal mounting tabs (easily removed if not needed)
  • Extended mount plate + pre drilled mounting holes, can also be used to mount the tail light
  • Optional LED plate light

Above: Universal Tail tidy in stainless steel mounted on a Harley Davidson Sissy Bar with the Orbit brake light.

Now for some background on just how we got here.
Each project we’ve done needs a mount for the number plate, and each project has it placed in a different spot, in a different way or at a different angle. From the beginning I’ve hand cut 100’s of tail tidy plates. Making mistakes, learning each time and taking down drawings and details of each one.

Each time this process was repeated we noticed unique requirements for each custom motorcycle we had worked on. This was helpful but the more valuable information came in the form of requirements that crossed over. All of the details that generally remained the same across various models of motorcycle and mounting styles.

Above: Out Honda CB40o four fitted with the tail tidy kit, using LED plate light and a bolted mount to the frame

Taking this pool of data, figuring out the common ground to create something universal, then boiling it down to the absolute basics. This is what we aim for as custom motorcycle builders and parts makers. Creative solutions that serve the needs of people just like us. The guys in their garage having a bit of fun creating their own motorcycle dream.

Above: A crowd favourite the DRZ400 Tracker featured on Pipeburn fitted with a trimmed up version of our tail tidy, using the integrated LED indicator mounts.

The DIY Tail Tidy kit we’ve developed is a simple idea that anyone could make, but only if they’d had the experiences we’ve had.

Check out our whole fabrication range of products by CLICKING HERE to help you along the way with your build.

If you’re about to get busy on modifying your bike, try one out, let us know how you like it and get back out riding sooner.

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