Style up your front end with a sleek custom motorcycle fender

I take pride in going the extra mile when it comes to style meets function on a motorcycle, so I’m stoked to announce the addition of  a universal aluminium fender to the Purpose Built Moto online store. This fender is a blank canvas that will work on any style of bike whether it’s a Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Tracker, Brat or chopper.

Shown above: Aluminium fender using the universal DIY mounting kit on a Ducati GT1000 cafe racer

Making fabrication products is a little different for Purpose Built Moto, we’re known for our lights and electronics. Just because front guards, fabrication bungs and now the fender mounting kit are simpler to design, doesnt mean we skimp on making them the absolute best product we can make.

I’ve been building custom motorcycles for a while now and a lot of the bikes I work on get custom fenders in the PBM garage. With all the tricks I’ve learned over the years I tried to put all of that experience together in a product that is strong, easy to mount, creatively flexible and looks great. Check out our article on 9 ways to mount your motorcycle fender to see just how much potential these motorcycle fenders have.

A lot of thought has gone into this idea, firstly in making the fender mounting points as universal as possible, and secondly a size/type that would look at hbome on just babout any custom motorcycle.

The PBM front guards are made from press-formed 3mm thick 5052-Ts aluminium. This is thicker than the aluminium used on most fenders available, but the added thickness allows for a clean design without any visible ribs, rolls or flanges while remaining light weight and strong.

The front guards are made with a set of mounting ribs unique to this product allowing an easier mounting option while still remaining super clean. The fenders come in a raw finish ready for you to let your imagination run wild to polish, brush finish or paint.

The ribs allow the fender to be drilled and tapped rather than having a nut between the tyr and fender. making it more easily removable, and giving you the freedom to be more creative with how the fender is mounted. Paired with the fender mounting kit your options are endless with how you design the fender struts. Using the M5 or M6 counter bore bungs supplied to tap the aluminium fender and fit to your bike however you desire.

The front guard has 3 ribs along the length, although you’ll only need to use 2. The solo mounting rib is to face out the front of the bike. while the rear 2 mounting ribs on the fender give you some options. Want a short bobbed front guard? trim the lower mounting rib off to suit the length you want and use the center rib for your mounting points. If you’re after a longer more classic style fender, no trimming is needed and you can use the rear mounting rib.

A sharp design for the fender stays on our yamaha XV750 custom

Suitable for mounting on 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ rims and tyres mounted high for scrambler applications or low and tight for cafe racer style. Providing a great fit on any tyre up to 125mm wide (eg. 120/70 – 17).

You can get yours via the Purpose Puilt Moto online store – here 

They are also available in Europe through JADUS Motorcycle parts

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