Looking for sleek, ultra-bright turn signals that won't ruin the aggressive look of your supermoto or motard bike?

If you're a supermoto or motard rider, you know the struggle of finding indicators that are both stylish and street legal. Standard indicators can be bulky, prone to damage, and often interfere with the sharp, aggressive aesthetics of your bike. Enter the Omni Light—a small, tough, and versatile solution designed to meet the needs of modern supermoto and motard riders.

Omni Lights 3 in 1 LED Indicators / Tail Lights Black
Omni Lights 3 in 1 LED Indicators / Tail Lights Black

Traditional and OEM indicators prevent a few challenges for Supermoto riders.

  1. Bulky Standard Indicators: Standard indicators are often large and ungainly, sticking out like sore thumbs on the sleek frames of supermoto and motard bikes.
  2. Track Regulations: Most racetracks don’t allow indicators that stick out past your plastics, posing a problem for riders who also use their bikes on the track.
  3. Damage Prone: Traditional indicators are prone to getting damaged during crashes on the track or street.
  4. Mounting Challenges: Finding a place to mount indicators that complements the overall design of the bike can be tricky.

Solution: Omni Lights address all these pain points with a discreet, ultra-tough design. Their compact size makes them easy to mount without interfering with other components, ensuring your bike looks sharp and performs flawlessly both on the road and the track.

Omni Lights 3 in 1 LED Indicators / Tail Lights Silver

Why the Omni Lights are a good fit.

  1. Tiny Size: The Omni Light’s compact design ensures a sleek look and reduces the risk of damage in crashes. These small turn signals blend seamlessly with the aggressive aesthetics of supermoto and motard bikes.
  2. Durable Build: Built to withstand the rigors of track riding and street use, Omni Lights are tough enough to handle the most demanding conditions.
  3. 3-in-1 Functionality: With integrated indicator, brake light, and tail light functions, the Omni Light simplifies your bike’s lighting setup, reducing the number of components you need to install and maintain.
  4. Simple Installation: Each Omni Light comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making installation a breeze even if you’re not a seasoned mechanic.
  5. Discreet Design: The sleek design of Omni Lights allows them to blend perfectly with your bike’s graphics kit, maintaining the bike’s sharp, aggressive look.
  6. Super Bright LEDs: Equipped with ultra-bright LEDs, Omni Lights provide excellent visibility on the road, casting light at a wide 270-degree angle to ensure you’re seen from all directions.

In summary, Omni Lights are the perfect solution for supermoto and motard riders looking to upgrade their bike’s lighting. Their compact, durable design ensures they won’t interfere with your bike’s aggressive aesthetics or performance. With 3-in-1 functionality and super bright LEDs, these lights enhance both safety and style.

Upgrade your ride's safety and style with Omni Lights. Visit our product page on the Purpose Built Moto's website to get yours today.

At Purpose Built Moto, we're usually focused on building custom bikes like cafe racers, brats, scramblers, or choppers, and supplying parts for custom builds. However, it has come to our attention that different types of riders are using our gear for bikes and purposes we didn't initially intend. We don't discriminate—if it's got two wheels, we're on board! It's cool to see our gear being put to the test in different environments and uses.

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