In this blog, we got one of our customers to review some of our Dome 3-in-1 Lights to provide a bit of real world feedback on what they're actually like.

One of the best parts of building a business that creates and sells custom bike parts is seeing the many things people use our parts for. We aim to give any bike builder an easy way to figure out some of the harder bits of custom building a motorcycle. 

Matthew Mcvittie is one of the individuals we have taken notice of, putting a wide range of our parts to good use.

He describes himself as a “Family man building classic motorcycles.” A humble statement because some of the bikes to roll out of Matt’s little shed are absolute art. He has built quite a few different bikes now including a sportster, cb550, xs650, cb750, and many more. This means that Matt has spent a bit of time figuring out how to build bikes and make doing so a bit easier. One of the things he has learned was that we supply a few pretty cool parts that can save builders a bit of time and energy while at it.

Matt uses our lighting kits on most of his builds, reasons being simplicity, build quality , and support. Many builders often run into issues when it comes to the wiring and setup of a bike's lighting. The first main reason Matt got hooked on using our gear wasn't actually anything to do with the physical lights. He liked that every light or component came with a set of instructions that link to a blog or install video  to simplify the process for first timers, and that if he had any further questions about installing his lights he could message us and ask away. In his words, “they're excellent to deal with, they respond to your questions promptly, and most of their stuff comes with instructions in the box.”

The quality of the lights are also something Matt finds to be quite important. When reviewing the lights Matt points out, “they're all billet aluminium… and they have a bit of heft, so you can tell they are quality.” This is something that high quality builders pay attention to, why would you spend hours designing and working on your custom build only to install low quality parts that break, fade, or wear out quickly. In Matt’s “opinion they are the best bang for your buck while being a super high quality.”

Lastly one of the other major reasons Matt chooses Purpose Built Moto indicators is the simple installation. He likes that our indicators use a stainless steel spacer which allows him to machine it down if needed. When it comes to the actual wiring of the indicators Matt appreciates the simplicity of one of our main features.  “The wires are black, red, yellow, which means that the lights can function as a red stop light, as well as a yellow turn signal.

Overall, Matt thoroughly enjoys the options and support he has when picking out parts for his custom cafe racer builds with us, and we enjoy helping him finish those builds. Matt, we all look forward to seeing what else will roll out of your shed in the future!

If you are curious about what else Matt has put to use check out this blog on his thoughts about our fender kits!

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