A Classic LED headlight caught between Classic Style and Modern Technology

 Finally an LED headlight that looks right at home on your classically styled bike. Doing away with the conventional headlight bucket means you can get a far cleaner finish, tucked in tighter to your front end and with our re-designed headlight bezel these things now cover all bases when it comes to your custom motorcycle. The organic curves of the Flashpoint Classic LED headlight take qeues of old school design, with no visible fixings from the front, the Flashpont Classic LED headlight will suit any style of Café Racer, Scrambler, Tracker, Bobber or Chopper.

Keeping the high output LED from our previous design, and the ultra functional 3 point mounting system. The Flashpoint classic is the best pound for pound headlight on the market. Completely replacing your standard headlight bucket, easily mounted and with a High, Low and running light halo all in a low power consumption High light output package. As always our LED turn signals can be easily integrated into the headlight casing with no extra brackets.

Purpose Built Moto builds bikes day in day out, and this experience shows through in our design, making them universal fit, highly adaptable and incredibly clean and stylish. As I always say, sometimes simple is the hardest thing to achieve. So our parts aim to make the bike builders life a little easier, so you can focus your attention and time on other important custom touches for your project bike.

The Flashpoint LED Headlight is supplied with features including:

  • 7” (198mm) diameter size
  • 2 mounting options, both fork mount and bottom mount with M8 Threads
  • M8 Mounting screws
  • DOT and E9 compliance marked LED lighting component
  • High and Low beam + optional running light
  • Low power consumption, high output broad spectrum beam
  • 4000 Lumen output (That’s a lot)
  • CNC machined Aluminium bezel, Hard anodized or Raw finish (ready for polish or paint).
  • Designed for use with our LED Indicator lights as fixing points on fork mounted applications.
  • Plug and Play compatibility with standard 3-pin H4 headlight plug.

The parts that come out of Purpose Built Moto represent everything we aim to achieve, Delivering amazingly simple and easy to use product, with a finish so clean you could eat off, at a price point that will make you wonder just how we did it. Give this Classic LED headlight a go and you’ll soon realize you’ve been riding in the dark for years!

In your Flashpoint LED Headlight kit you will receive:

  • Your headlight base and LED component pre assembled + wired with 3-pin H4 plug + separate running wire
  • Stainless steel mounting screws M8 x 30mm

So why am I still writing!? Treat yourself and your pride and joy to the best thought out LED headlight on the market. These units are made by a motorcycle builder + enthusiast just like you, and are designed with your time, effort and the finish quality of your bike in mind.

CLICK HERE to get your greasy mits on the Purpose Built Moto Flashpoint Classic LED headlight.

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I use a range of connectors depending on the job, probably the best quality are the Deutsch connectors but they can be expensive to tool up for.


Hi. Thanks for the useful articles. I am at work so haven’t had a chance to read all of them. Can you recommend a brand of crimp on connector and crimper that works best. I don’t mind spending some money on good stuff. Seems like most electrical problems I have inherited have been due to crimp on connectors.

thank you!

doc matt

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