One of the things that get us going here at Purpose Built Moto is seeing how different people use our various products. We’ve had people wire up everything from harleys to postie bikes with some of our parts, and everything in between. It’s something even more exciting to see people using some of our parts to help with their own businesses. Ben Scharkie is an individual doing just this with his business.

Often times businesses are formed out of need. Mountains Motorcycle Wiring, established in 2018 was no different with the businesses conception happening on the side of the road in the Sutton Forest. Born out of love for vintage motorcycles and the constant frustration of fixing friend’s broken down bikes, Ben Scharkie decided that he might be able to start up a business wiring up peoples motorcycles. He started out by just wiring up friends motorcycles, and eventually when word spread he started taking on more diverse work from the public.

Now this is no easy industry to get into. Motorcycle enthusiasts aren't always the easiest crowd to deal with when their bike is broken down. This combined with the massive diversity in bikes and the way they are wired up generate quite the challenge. Simple fixes are no stress on Ben but a complete bike rewire takes a bit more effort. Mountains Motorcycle wiring needed a solution for wiring up bikes that would be fast so he wasn't waiting on parts, easy to set up, and reliable to protect his reputation.

Ben Came across the Purpose Built Moto Black Box, which is a complete lighting and wiring management system we produce. He uses it for quite a few reasons. The black Box allows bike builders to set their bikes up with lighting and switches in a much more simple manner that doesn't require them to touch the confusing tangle of fuses and relays that often comes on OEM solutions.

The Black Box is quite small, “space is a premium on these old things (shovel heads), and the Black Box is nice and tiny and can pretty much be tucked up anywhere you can think of.” This means that trying to find a place to mount it becomes much less of a stress, often locating where all your wiring parts should be mounted when trying to hide wires or completely rewire a bike can be tricky. 

Easy mounting combined with how simple the Black Box is to actually wire up mean that the actual removal of the old management and installation of the new management make the whole process much more efficient. On a shovelhead that Ben recently completed he installed a “Black box kit and some nice neat handlebar switches.” When talking to that specific installation, Ben made reference to how simple the process was while showing what the end result looked like.

Vintage motorcycles (or motorcycles of any kind really) have been a lifelong interest for Ben and he is really proud to be able to turn this passion into a business. Here at purpose built moto we are stoked to see that and want to help out people like this as much as possible. We love seeing people put our gear to work even in businesses of their own!

Ben left us with some final thoughts which make us pretty excited to see what will roll out of his shop in the future. “Overall the purpose built moto stuff is really nice, and the boys there are really nice and helpful with any questions you may have. We will definitely be going back to them for parts in the future.”

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