The Purpose Built Moto Orbit brake light like all of our products is decidedly simple. Easy to fit, easy to assemble and easy on the eye. Our first design while popular received some really helpful feedback from DIY builders and pro’s all over.

We’ve taken that on board and worked some of that into our latest release of the Mini LED tail light.

The 3 major changes to the Orbit Brake light are:

– Updated Mounting section
– Higher quality cable
– More durable Epoxy chip filler

On the outside the Orbit brake light is still the sleek, minimalist design we’ve always had. With the upgrades though the internal package is better to work with, and more durable than before.

Updated Mounting: We’ve retained the simple single bolt mounting type, with a hollowed out bolt for clean or hidden cable routing. The changes come on the body, with a thread stopper. With any number of mounting brackets being used, the bolts have always been supplied over length to cover everyone. To be trimmed for your application, but sometimes the excitement of your new brake light took over and the install notes were thrown aside…. Missing the crucial note of trimming the mounting bolt to length, over tightening it and damaging the light. We’ve remedied this so no mistakes can be made that lead to damaging that nice new piece of moto jewellery.

Higher Quality cable: This ones self explanatory, a better black multicore cable used to wire in your LED tail light. Removing the need to cover your red, yellow and black wires with a cable shield or heat shrink. Just run it in and secure the cable how you see fit.

More Durable chip casting:Using a harder wearing PCB filler, only experience could have taught us this. Making sure your light is burning bright no matter what conditions you’re riding in. Bikes are built to be ridden, wherever you want to take them. After weeks off road in really poor conditions we noticed a slight bit of water creep into the tail light on our Wide Of The Mark bikes. That was enough to make some changes. With the new, harder epoxy potting resin, it both adds strength to
the unit and its cable connection, and better protects against the elements.

One of our most versatile and eye catching products the deep red glow of the Orbits halo light pattern serves its purpose well in style and safety on the road. Looking right at home whether you’re building a vintage chopper, or a sharp modern street tracker.
Available in machine polished silver, anodised black or a DIY builders kit, ready for your own custom tail light housing. Whatever you ride, whatever you build the orbit tail light is the perfect compliment for your tail end.

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