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Scott and I met in very much a professional capacity. His family run store SDG moto was interested in selling Purpose Built Moto parts. So we spoke, and on a business trip I dropped in to see him at his workshop on the NSW central coast. 5 minutes after meeting Scott it was like we had known each other forever. Any professional pleasantries were out the window and we were immediately having a bit of back and forth ripping on each other like old mates.

Above everything Scott was involved in Handcrafted because of his amazingly warm attitude and hilarious take on what he does. One of the best interviews we did, we were laughing the whole time. Scott creates wild machines that could be shown on a field, or thrashed on a track. Racing is in his blood. But when you ask about them, it seems like nothing! It’s just what he does.

Growing up around Eastern creek, with vintage motorcycle racing and sidecar track days, his custom bikes have a thorough bred race feel. Built to go fast and handle anything you can throw at them. All done from a humble workshop, surrounded by old pictures of Scott + his dad racing, and track day memorabilia. Whenever I drop in to see Scott I’m always greeted with open arms from him and his wife Danielle, and end up not wanting to leave! I’m never the only drop in there, The SDG moto shed always has a few people around having a tinker with something and enjoying the good company.

From Suped up 80’s jap bikes, to methanol fuelled beach racing triumphs there is always something to look at and talk about. SDG moto has grown from Scott’s love of racing, and unrelenting motivation to create something different. As Scott says, “It’s never work. We come in the shed to have fun, and that’s what we love.” It’s all about enjoying what you do and doing it with people you like to be around.

I often find myself, finishing up in the workshop for the day and sitting to stare and think over my next steps on a build. I spend hours in the quiet after the suns gone down thinking over issues I’m facing. Sidecar alignment and geometry, frame fabrication, suspension ideas, I’ll give scotty a call to talk something over. He always picks up, (I know he works late too) and will have an experienced input into whatever I’m thinking about. People like this are cornerstones of the motorcycling community, If the things Scott knows aren’t passed down, they’ll be forgotten forever. The free flow of information and experience is so important to me to ensure that the skills these guys have accumulated over a life time, don’t stop when they do. I’m sure Scotty feels the same.

Scott’s willingness to help out a mate, and lend his experience is why he was such an important part of the Handcrafted story.

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Give us a. Ring. Dude. Luv. To. Catch. Up. Daz. 0457 543442. Cheers. Mate.

Darrin bourke

Give us a. Ring. Dude. Luv. To. Catch. Up. Daz. 0457 543442. Cheers. Mate.

Darrin bourke

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