Night Moves.

What does it feel like to break away? Night moves was a project that allowed us to share how we feel. No matter what’s going on in life, we turn that key, stick the helmet on, and leave our stress in the dust.

We often always share photos, videos, and stories about the bikes we build, but not about why we build them. The Ducati GT1000 was a project that when it was completed just felt right. It was the right colors, made the right noises, and when I hopped on it for the test ride, my head went quiet except for the feeling of pure joy I got rolling on in 3rd. It was those couple of seconds, in that moment, that we all find peace as riders. This was the inspiration for night moves.

It’s often that ill get back from a decent ride and I feel better about life in general. A lot of riders share that same feeling, yet we struggle to put that feeling into words. Working with the team on this short film allowed us to develop feelings into words, then ideas, then moving images that crafted a short story about a man going for a ride to get a donut and clear his head. It seems so simple, yet for those of us that do ride, we know that life wouldn’t be as bearable without that ability to go out and get behind the bars.

At the end of the day when people ask me why we do what we do, the answer is hard to put into words. Night moves was a crack at putting that feeling into a format that we could share with you.

Developed with Brandon from Ninefivers behind the camera and Tristan on secondary we’ve created a story to envelope the viewer. Turn the volume up and enjoy. 

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Thanks I needed that. I live in COLORADO & it’s been butt cold here for the past few weeks. So yea thanks.

Nigel P Gale

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