The second installment of our Motosocial Show and Shine at Sandbar was almost washed out! Up until 6am the morning of the event we thought that the months of planning that went in were going to be wasted due to bad weather. We had builders travel from as far as Newcastle for the weekend, to ride with us and show their bikes to a sea of enthusiasts. The morning rolled around and the sun came out, coffee was pouring out of Iron and Resin at light speed, and the riders rolled in for the start of an epic day on the beach.

With a turnout of over 80+ riders for our pilgrimage into Surfers Paradise it was evident that everyone was itching for a day on the bikes as rain had been hanging around the Gold Coast all week! We had a massive range of motorcycles of all marques turn up for our ride. The Mt.Tambourine vintage motorcycle club had made Motosocial a Gazzetted ride for any of their members with Club rego to be able to attend. Huge thanks to Patrick Forbes for making that happen with his club, the old boys from up the mountain definitely showed out in force with a few nice vintage ducati’s and a Vincent along for the ride.

A big part of Motosocial is riding your bike into the event, although we do let the odd trailer queen in, the focus will always be on Garage built bikes that are made to be ridden. The ride takes into account the different skill levels of our riders, and also the capabilities of the bikes, some of which belong in a museum! Winding our way up the back roads we headed north and took in a beautiful view of our city over the Panorama in Tallai.

Once arrived to Sandbar the show entrants’ bikes were placed throughout the bar. A group of Honda Z50 owners had made the trip all the way from Brisbane, and were given some special treatment for their efforts. The Z50 club boys we’re escorted inside with their mini placed atop the bar inside the venue. Special mention to Ian Don of Black Cat Customs who travelled all the way from Newcastle to join us, as well as our neighbours from Byron Bay and Brisbane that made the trip.

As everyone settled in with their complimentary Balter Beer on arrival, prizes started to be given out. With a host of Local business getting behind the event, this year we had a new prize category for Learner and P-plate riders. Top Rider Australia generously donated a free rider course, but being so green on their bikes we had to make them earn it!

Any L or P plate rider that wanted to enter was tasked to place their helmet at their feet, pick it up, fully strap it and then undo it. Placing the helmet back at your feet the fastest would win you the prize. First round was tied, so it went to sudden death. On the second attempt the judges (me) picked up some foul play by an entrant cheating by having the strap pre done before putting his helmet on (kook move). The entrant was instantly disqualified!

Next on the Giveaway agenda was the 2 x “most likely to break down on the way home” award. Sponsored by local lads Port and Hide + United Tools Burleigh, the prizes were to be given away to the entrant that had leaked the most oil on the floor of our venue at Sandbar. 2 winners were given the Honors being a Pre-unit triumph and the ever present and always welcome Scotty on his well worn CB750.

The Major Prize on the day is always the Public vote, put down to our punters to decide on whose bike walks away with the glory of the Semi-polished piston and a host of goodies from our event sponsors. Death CollectiveIron and Resin Garage, Purpose Built Moto, Balter Brewers, Sandbar, Suus customs, all had goodies in the mix for our well deserved winners of first, second and third place.

The glory and bragging rights of peoples’ choice went to Ian Don of Black Cat customs with his 1951 Triumph Bobber nick named “The Black Cat” for its ever testing history with Ian.

Second place went to a Motosocial podium veteran, Aaron Wilson with his unbelievable supercharged Honda CB550 four. Build by local legend Justin Holmes from PopBang Classics.

Third place to round out the mix was another Honda CB550. This one was like no other at the event. It was completely and immaculately restored to original condition. As it left the factory floor in 1976, Thilina Lanka’s bike was a definite talking point of the meet and a well deserved prize winner, even if it wasn’t a custom.

2017/18 has proven so far to be huge for the motorcycle scene on the Gold Coast. Since the arrival of Motosocial and the huge support we’ve received on our regular social rides are growing week on week. With new faces and bikes making their way out of the garage to join this epic and positive movement.

Make sure you head over to our Facebook page for updates on rides if you’re on the Gold Coast. If not, hit the Purpose Built Moto Facebook to watch our shenanigans from afar.

Keep an eye out on our Motosocial page for updates on more events coming up.


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Hopefully see you on a ride soon.


Fantastic group of folks and their bike builds! I just bought a 96 Virago 535 and not sure what to do with it yet. Not sure I even know where to start!
Anyways this female will figure it out somehow! Any suggestions would be great!

Suzanne McDougall

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