Brad Miller- Milwerx – Handcrafted Custom Motorcycle Documentary

Brado and I had built somewhat of a rapport before the filming trip. I remember we had first met at an event in Sydney at Rising Sun Garage. Brad was there to showcase his work on a bike he had built with Matt Darwon of The Machine Files that was shown at Born Free show in 2017. We spoke about bikes, his background in fabrication and his love of Harleys. Since then he’s used a few of Purpose Built Moto’s products and always come with good, honest feedback which is priceless from someone with his knowledge. A really humble guy, and easy to get along with.

Although Brad isn’t as well know as some of our other craftsman, those who do know of his work, seem to hold it in high regard, I know I do. Personally the reason I wanted brad involved with the Handcrafted  film was his dedication, and attitude in learning his skillset. With a very minimal set of workshop equipment, Brad Miller creates incredible, functional and great looking machines. All done with the humble out look of “it’s just a motorcycle, you don’t need much. A few tools to take it apart and put it back together and that’s about it”. Creativity is key here, and with that in hand what else do you need?

Brads motorcycles over time have developed a particular style, and although it’s not outlandish I feel like the element that sets a Brad Miller’s motorcycle apart is how well thought out they are. Everything makes complete sense, and the fabrication quality is incredible. At the time of filming Brad was 23 Years old, and with an already impressive back catalog of great builds he was a no brainer for the trip.

As we were with Brado filming Electric Bubble and I were treated to a look at one of my favourite builds from him. A hard tailed Evo sportster with a high necked frame and an ultra skinny peanut tank emblazoned with the Trans-Am phoenix emblem. There’s just something about this machine that gets me so stoked on choppers. Admittedly they aren’t my first choice, but I’d give a lot up to own this bike. After seeing this on his work table, I wanted one.

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