When a bike like this 2022 Triumph Bobber rolls into the shop, less is more. As a brand-new bike, it removes a lot of the more involved work that a lot of our projects come with. There’s no engine build, repairing frame damage or previous modifications, or rebuilding suspension. This allows us to solely focus on what our client deemed most important - the stance and look of the bike. With a little attention paid to unleashing a bit more power from the liquid cooled 1200cc twin.

The brief for the project was simple, as Doug was a long-time fan of the shop and trusted our styling. He wanted a wide wheel bobber, kept simple, custom paint and styled up with some trick Purpose Built Moto parts, and a hand-crafted exhaust. The rest was up to us. The Wide Wheel Bobber was popularised recently by Thornton Hundred, a custom shop in the UK that followed in the steps of Down and Out motorcycles by kitting the triumphs out with an ultra-wide wheel set, and using that as a base, going from there in customising and making small production run motorcycles.

With dues paid to the Thornton Hundred guys, they do a great job with their bikes, we are fans. That said, you can’t really put a wide wheel kit on a bobber without being compared to the UK lads. So, we did our utmost to make sure while there may be some similarities, this bike was built with our own distinct Purpose-Built Moto DNA.

The wide wheel Triumph Bobber kit came from our mates at Canyon Motorcycles in the US. Known for making custom wheels to fit about any Triumph or Harley Davidson these guys were the obvious choice. We got in touch and with luck on our side their first production run of wide triple clamps for the bobber had just been finished. We worked out our wheel sizing and before long we had all the parts needed to make it happen. We are running a 160 x 17” on the front and a 180 x 17” on the rear with Pirelli Angel GT tyres wrapping the denim black hub and wheel set.

With the factory fenders removed, and the bad boy wheels fitted the stage was set for the fabrication to kick off. First on the list was our custom exhaust. Left in the capable hands of Dylan our fabricator, we dreamed up a 2 into 2 design that passed through the old cat cavity in the frame and finished in a single-sided layout with internal mufflers built in and a modern twist on a traditional turn-out style exhaust. For the system, we have used a step up from the port to 2” pipes that continue the entire length of the custom exhaust.

When it came time for me to fabricate the fenders, I wanted to leave the bike as bare as possible. Making sure we could see as much of those big Pirelli tyres as possible. I found a fender blank that should have fit the rear wheel, but as we often find, once it was trimmed up and cut to shape, it didn’t. I had to spend a few hours shrinking in and re-radiusing the fender to suit the setup of the rear wheel and bracket that was to come. Once I had the shape I needed, the brackets started. Again sticking to the less is more I’ve made a single visible attachment that runs with the length of the fender that’s been welded on. Shaped from a piece of 8mm steel plate and mounting to the top of the swing arm.  This provides our first contact point, the second was built onto the custom rear fender and pick up on the factory lower rear fender mount. The result is an ultra-clean fender mount that’s been styled as a feature of the rear fender.

The front fender needed to be made from scratch, so again I’ve hand shaped the sheet metal to fit the tyres profile and fabricated up a clean, although slightly ornate front fender bracket to match the style of the rear. We’ve custom fabricated some front indicator mounts that tuck a set of our hollow tip LED indicators behind the forks and utilised the factory headlight that’s been given a custom touch by way of some paint matching with the rest of the tins.  

The last job before paint was the rear plate bracket and lighting mounts. To keep the rear fender clean, we’ve fabricated a swing arm mounted plate and lighting bracket. Using our Tail tidy kit, a set of Omni 3 in 1 light and some chromoly tube it was a fun part of the fabrication making these functional pieces of the motorcycle look good. 

When the bike was stripped, I took a few sketches around to Nathan from Livin Loco Garage to work on the paint. Doug had given us a bit of guidance on the colours and had requested a deep metallic green colour. As always Nathan has had is input with a few ideas on the overall design, then going in and custom mixing paint until he came across a colour that fit the bill. The bobber is finished in an incredible Green/Teal candy, with silver accents separating his custom colour from a touch of matte black. With this design we wanted to give the classic lines of the bobber a definitively modern feel. That idea informed our fabrication of fenders and exhaust and was considered when designing the paint. Trying as we always do, to deliver a considered design from top to tail on the bike.

Our rider Doug was wrapped on his new Custom Triumph Bobber which promises to deliver hours of fun on the street, and endless thumbs up at the traffic lights from both parents and kids as the 270-degree twin rumbles up to the stop light. An understated custom machine, that doesn’t scream for attention but definitely deserves it.

If you’d like a custom of your own, tailored like a well-made suit to fit your exact needs, make sure you hit our contact page and get in touch. Our sole purpose at Purpose Built Moto is to provide an unforgettable ride experience for our clients and as a lover of two wheels that includes you. 

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God said ,Sound The Trumpets,I Tell You!😁

John Cloud

This custom design is absolutely amazing. Why stroke me the most is the color combination and the silver custom decal defining the border line.
I loved the custom silver decal. I wonder whether you guys have it on stock. Definitely want to order this product.
I would love hearing from you where to get my hands on them.

Alwin Chin A Lien

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