If you repeat yourself, people get bored (including myself). When I was tasked with my second GN250 Scrambler, I was dead set on turning away from my first attempt at the popular base bike.

The Original PBM GN250 Scrambler was far more aggressive, edgy and with a far more modern outlook. With this incarnation of a dust slinging GN I wanted to look black on a more classic style, while keeping things a touch progressive. Using a more subdued and retro colour scheme set the base of the build.

Finished in a Metallic teal and silver tank, the tins were complimented with a Whickey brown seat in a great roll stitch Brat seat. The seat was re-inforced to remove the need for a tail hoop and rear guard and rear lights/number plate were mounted directly to it.

The street ridden 250's next upgrade was a set of mud ready Heidenau K60 Scout tyres.  Bolstering the functionality the bars were switched out with Pro-taper contour bars and the front end hit with a 5.75" Flashpoint LED headlight.

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Hey man,

Nice build here- what year gn250 do you normally like to start with for these builds?
Looking at getting a similar project going.




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