There are a lot of opinions floating around about the relatively new to market Nemesis 400. As with all things there are good and bad. Working on Al's Nemesis 400 Scrambler helped me make up my own mind about these bikes.

What started life as a scrambler Al wanted crafted into a custom Cafe Racer. Why not? The bike had never seen a dirt road in its life, and it wasn't about to any time soon. Being reasonably new meant there was very minimal mechanical and engine work to be done.

Once the bike was stripped the true to form Cafe Racer style came to life. One thing that particularly sets this bike off is the set of custom Aluminium side cover I had to make hand shaped out of 3mm ally plate, these were a necessity in slimming the bike out. From the factory floor they come with quite bulky side cover bubbles that just didn't suit the style.

Aesthetically speaking the Nemesis 400 is quite sleek and good looking for the most part. A few custom touches like the custom Tail cowl and new seat really bring it to life. Giving it a more street ready outlook. Where the Nemesis really impresses is when you get it warmed up and on the road.

The thin 18" tyres front and back lend themselves to nimble and directional handling. Now I'm not a huge fan of single pot bikes, but this 400cc thumper packs a punch. the torque lets you really get into some twisty roads and stretch the legs linking through successive corners.

The bike was a breeze to work on and simple to modify, while the performance left me quite surprised! if you're in the market for a first bike, I seriously suggest you give them a go!

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