The Ducati Sport Classic range is a divisive set of motorcycles. Love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion. I never really understood them. But during this build process, I've grown to love these 1000cc Twins.

Once you remove the mess, correct the odd frame line that flows toward the back and rebuild a paired back version of the Sport Classic. Suddenly you're left with a beautiful Cafe Racer styled Ducati. Holding a sense of Old World charm but with all the comforts and reliability of a modern motorcycle.

The Front fender, and custom seat are two key players in how this bike looks both from the side and top. Some sleight of hand, and clever design in these parts have helped the Ducati Cafe Racer out of its shell.  Other features to help the Ducati along include an LED tail light integrated into the tail hoop, Clean mounted Purpose Built Moto LED indicators and a polished 7" Flashpoint Classic LED headlight.

Finishing off the re-styling was a set of Jonich 48 spoke Wheels in high polish with Black hubs. Select blacked out parts including the fresh Black anodised forks and K-tech shocks help to accentuate the bold red on the body work.

A common complaint on the Ducati GT1000 is the handling, so we decided to do something about it.  We lowered both the rear of the frame, the riders seat height and added some lower profile handlebars. the result has the rider sitting more "in" the motorcycle, rather than floating atop it. Helping with confidence through corners. On the techie end, the suspension was completely rebuilt to include fully adjustable rear shocks, and upgraded adjustable fork cartridges installed aswell. Making the bike hold the road better. finally, mentioned the Jonich aluminium wheels give a significant unsprung weight reduction helping the bike tip in to corners faster.

The Ducati Cafe Racer is miles apart from the well worn Sport Classic that rolled into out shop. refreshed in both styling, comfort and performance and ready to deliver a few more years of smiles to the riders face.

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