PBM Switching Kit: Black Box V2 + 2 Switches

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Combine the Black Box V2 Lighting Control with our minimal 2 or 3 Button Switch for a ready to go handlebar kit and a nice discount.

Select a combination for your build by choosing any 2 switches to go with the control module.

Black Box Modules are now on Back order, due to be shipped 27th May 2020

6 reviews for PBM Switching Kit: Black Box V2 + 2 Switches

  1. Helios

    how to i order this?

  2. Thomas Golubic

    The v3 black box is a must for custom builders or home builders like me who have stripped their bike down to the ground and are re-wiring the whole bike from the bottom up. It really cleans up the wiring and gives you features that make riding easier and safer. I would highly recommend this, and will definitely use it on my future builds. The switches are on another level and the quality is excellent, they’re small and discreet but that doesn’t take away from their functionality even with gloves on.

  3. Hugo Crites

    Amazing product! Bought both the 2 and 3 button switches in black, and you can tell the quality right away when you see in it your hands. The buttons screw in easily and look incredible on my custom cb650 82′. I like the configuration of the 3 button switch. Other brands have a configuration that was not as ergonomic as on these switches.The only downside, (this can be avoided if you practice soldering before trying to make your wire connections) is the tab terminals on the buttons. As they are m12, you can find some with screw connector instead of the normal tab one. Otherwise, these switches are very well manufactured and should be on any custom bike!

  4. Robert Trottier

    As with any universal product how well or poorly they fit has allot to do with you. That said, these are well made, fit well, and the company has been a pleasure to deal with. Wish you guys were closer!

  5. Spencer Prewitt

    Fantastic products!! Both switches are expertly made and have quick response! It was super easy to hook up and is very convenient and looks fantastic on my 1978 CB550!!! I highly recommend this product. They also have phenomenal customer service. Do yourself a favor and go with Purpose Built Moto if you’re looking for a perfect and affordable control unit as such!!!

  6. Colin Richmond

    Fantastic setup! Really appreciate having this while doing a full rewire; everything feels well built and thought out.

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