Orbit Builders Kit for Custom Brake Light Applications: 

Creating a custom motorcycle is an art that allows you to make your bike different from everyone else in the crowd. One of the most critical components for safety and style is the brake light, and the Orbit Builders Kit by our founder Tom, provides a versatile solution for motorcycle builders seeking a sleek and functional LED tail light system. This guide explores the Orbit Builders Kit's features, installation, and potential applications in bike building.

Overview of the Orbit Builders Kit

The Orbit Builders Kit is a product designed in house by our founder Tom, that allows builders to integrate a compact and powerful LED tail light into their custom motorcycle projects. It includes:

  • Orbit LED Tail Light: A 48mm circular tail light with 2 lighting areas that emits a super bright and distinct signal.
  • Mounting Options: The kit offers multiple mounting solutions, making it adaptable to various custom motorcycle designs.
  • Installation Accessories: The kit comes with wiring, mounting screw, lens, clip, and oring, to simplify the installation process.

Key Features of the Orbit Builders Kit

Compact and Sleek Design

  • The Orbit LED Tail Light’s small footprint makes it ideal for custom applications where space is limited. Its minimalistic design ensures it blends seamlessly with a wide range of motorcycle styles.

High-Intensity LED

  • The LED tech used in the Orbit Tail Light provides a super bright and clear signal, enhancing safety during nighttime or low-visibility conditions. This feature is crucial for motorcycles, where visibility is a critical safety consideration.

Versatile Mounting Options

The Orbit Builders Kit is designed to give you creative freedom. This is particularly useful for custom builds where traditional mounting locations might not be suitable.

  • Weather Resistance
  • The Orbit Tail Light is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring it remains functional in various weather conditions. This durability is essential for a component exposed to the elements and road debris.

Installing the Orbit Builders Kit involves a few key steps:

Step 1: Determine the Mounting Location

Before installing, decide where to mount the Orbit LED Tail Light. Popular locations include the rear fender, the frame, license plate bracket, and inset into the rear guard. The kit's versatility allows for creative placement options.

Step 2: Secure the Mounting Bracket

Use the provided mounting brackets to secure the Orbit Tail Light to your chosen location. Depending on your custom build, you may need to fabricate additional brackets or modify existing ones to ensure a secure fit.

Step 3: Connect the Wiring

Connect the wiring to your motorcycle's electrical system, following the instructions in the kit. Ensure the connections are secure and insulated to prevent short circuits.

Step 4: Test the Tail Light

After installation, test the tail light to ensure it functions correctly. Check the brake light, running light, and turn signal functions if applicable. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal visibility.

The Orbit Builders Kit is suitable for various custom brake light applications, including:

  • Custom Choppers: The compact design fits well with choppers, where space and aesthetics are crucial. The tail light can be integrated into a custom rear fender or mounted on a custom bracket.
  • Scramblers and Café Racers: The Orbit Tail Light's minimalistic design complements the stripped-down style of scramblers and café racers. It can be mounted under the seat or on the rear frame loop for a clean look.
  • Bobbers and Cruisers: The kit's versatility allows for unique mounting options, such as on a swingarm or custom licence plate bracket. This flexibility aligns with the creative spirit of bobbers and cruisers.

The Orbit Builders Kit by Purpose Built Moto offers a versatile and functional solution for custom brake light applications in motorcycle builds. Its compact design, high-intensity LED, and versatile mounting options make it a valuable addition to any custom motorcycle project. Whether you're building a chopper, scrambler, or bobber, the Orbit Builders Kit provides a reliable and stylish tail light solution.

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