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We’re back with another quick fix. Today, we've got a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that's been given the full treatment with all the right touches. Let’s dive into the details of this build.

When our rider Michael booked his bike in with us, we had a bit of a waitlist due to some ongoing projects. While he waited, he took the initiative to get some detailing done on the tank, applied solid colors, and fitted a dazzling new exhaust. By the time it arrived at our shop, the bike already had an upgraded tank, new handlebars, and the unique exhaust system.

We kicked off our modifications with the PBM wide wheel kit. This kit includes a 17x5-inch rear wheel and a 17x3.5-inch front wheel, offering plenty of tire options, whether you’re going for dual sport or strictly on-road. On this build, we fitted a 170/17 on the rear and a Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR 130/17 on the front, the widest you can go on these bikes with a dual sport tire.

Moving to the front, we fabricated a custom front fender and used our PBM aluminum rear fender, all nicely painted black by Justin from Pop Bang Classics. We also upgraded the handlebars to a set of Renthal 7/8 bars and did a 7-inch headlight conversion using our Flashpoint Classic headlight, hollow tip indicators, and the new PBM headlight mounting kit. This setup makes for an easy installation and gives the bike a clean, upgraded look.

For the side of the bike, we added custom leather grips and our PBM scrambler bar end mirrors. We also modified the seat, using the factory seat pan, removing some foam, and having Jonathan at Timeless Auto Trim finish it off in a sleek leather.

The tail end saw a slight modification as well. We shortened the frame hoops by about 30mm to ensure a smooth finish and fitted our stainless steel tail tidy along with a set of hollow point indicators that function as brake lights, tail lights, and indicators. All the cabling was neatly tucked under the seat for a clean look.

Each modification, from the wide wheel conversion to the custom leather grips, improves both the bike's performance and aesthetics.

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep riding!

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