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Today, we're excited to share a testimonial from Clancy at C&R MotoCo about our LED headlights. Clancy, the "C" in C&R MotoCo, knows a thing or two about building bikes, and he's here to talk about the challenges and solutions they found with lighting, specifically with our Flashpoint Classic 7-inch headlights.

Clancey did an awesome video testimonial talking through the lights.

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As Clancy explains, lighting is crucial in the world of custom builds, and finding the right balance between style, performance, and functionality can be tricky. For their Triumph Cafe Racers, they needed headlights that were slim to tuck them in neatly against the forks, had a timeless classic look, and, most importantly, could perform at a high level.

Enter the Flashpoint Classic 7-inch headlights from Purpose Built Moto. These headlights checked all the boxes for Clancy and his team. With their slim profile, they fit perfectly against the forks. The beautifully machined bezel and headlight brackets made mounting a breeze, adding to the classic look they were going for. Additionally, the high-tech lens is DOT approved, which was essential for road legality in Canada, where C&R MotoCo is based.

One of the standout features for Clancy and his team was the Halo, which not only looks cool but also serves as a daytime running light, a legal requirement in Canada. The high-powered magnified LED provides excellent visibility, making them one of the best-performing lights on the market.

C&R MotoCo has been using Purpose Built Moto gear for years and has found it to be reliable and high-performing across all their builds. Whether you need headlights, indicators, control modules, taillights, or other gear for your build, Clancy recommends checking out PurposeBuiltMoto.com for top-quality products.

We're thrilled to have Clancy and C&R MotoCo as part of the Purpose Built Moto community, and we're proud to be a part of their custom builds. If you're in need of premium motorcycle lighting and accessories, check out our store today!

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