1976 Yamaha XT500 Scrambler VMX

The last Yamaha  XT500 Scrambler build we released lit a fire in the heart of a lot of riders. We’ve had countless stories of adventures and mishaps on these prolific old bikes. As we put the finishing touches on this build it was no different,  a heavy dose of nostalgia, and an equal measure of modern upgrades. This XT500 has got to be my favourite one yet.

The bike build had been started by a Motocross restoration shop who decided there was a bit too much custom work required for their skillset. So after a few simple mods it landed at our shop in a pile of boxes. The client Clint, knew about the standard of our work due to his previous DT400 Build, which many of you may remember. Clint, and his DT400 was the build that started us down the road of developing our own VMX Scrambler style, and applying it to a number of custom bikes. 

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