We’ve developed a bit of our own style when it comes to MX inspired scramblers over the years, blending new and old styling seamlessly and creating a look that is unmistakably Purpose Built Moto. As we were finishing up Phil’s 2022 Harley Davidson FatBob he came in for a shop visit and a DT400 Scrambler happened to be on the bench being finished up. It instantly caught his eye and he became very curious about this build that seemed to be the exact opposite of his plush HD Fatbob build.

After a quick chat, and a run through his other bike build, Phil left.  I had a call about a week later saying that there were 2 old farm bikes on their way to my workshop that needed to be built in the Style of the DT400. So we’d started 2 more projects for the same client before we had even finished the first. All we needed to do was get to work.

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