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Hey Thomas, There’s not much we can do unless you bring it into our shop.
If you want to DIY on the repairs, the good thing about HD is there’s so much information available to help make the repair easy for you.


Not my scene but that headlight and tank is sweet. Patina beats polish every time. Kudos to the painter for the tank, honestly thought that was old stock

Geometry Dash

look I own a 1980 IORNHEAD Harley Davidson and we’ll I had to replace the tranny and I’m not sure but the gear shifter came out of its place inside the tranny box ,well I let this guy work on it and he put self tapping screws in the trap door for the tranny and lost some nuts and bolts that go to the clutch gears and we’ll I just need some serious help ,this is my first Harley and I would just about do anything to get some help ,man you got to help please I don’t want this bike to rust up ,hell I’ll give my left nut to save this bike please help, .

Thomas lewallen

Excellent job! You got the 60’s style chopper down!!! Good looking chopper for a sportster!!!


Great article and nice work!


Thanks Trav!


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