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Motorcycle Rewiring

At Purpose Built Moto we specialise in motorcycle electrical diagnostics, repairs, custom wiring and full motorcycle rewirings. We are based in Burleigh Heads, so if you are in Gold Coast or Brisbane, we can help with your motorcycle re-wire, or just finding and fixing those little bugs in your system. 

A lot of people can handle minor component replacement, and we encourage that you do! Check out the bottom of this page for some resources if you’d like to tackle some of your basic motorcycle electrics. But for those jobs that require a bit more of an experienced hand, come and talk to us about your motorcycle electronic issues.

Classic and custom motorcycles are often brought down by electrical issues, mechanics don't want to know about it, and most custom builders often outsource the electrical work to someone who probably spends most of their time working on cars. Motorcycle wiring needs a little more care a finess, we understand that. 

Since our beginnings we’ve worked with motorcycle electronics.Not only are we custom motorcycle builders but we have a background in all things electrical, for 15 years we've worked on electrical and automation systems. We design and make our own electrical systems, so repairing or re-wiring yours will be no problem. No matter the bike, no matter the issue you're having - if you’ve hit a wall trying to fix the issue yourself, get in touch and we’ll work with you to get your bike’s electronics sorted.

Motorcycle Electrics Black Box

If you are ready to tackle some of the electrical problems you’re having with your motorcycle at home, we have provided a series of helpful how-to guides and articles to get you started.


Motorcycle Electrics 101 - a simple explanation of your bikes electrics 

A lot of people can handle some minor component replacement. When you’re going a bit deeper on a custom bike ie. replacing the sub-frame, removing the airbox and side covers you need a little understanding of your motorcycle electronics. You’re going to need to do a fairly substantial re-wire. This article will run you through the basics of where to start and what you’re looking at in your motorcycle wiring. 

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Motorcycle electrics 101 - rewiring your cafe racer or bobber project

Instructions and diagrams for rewiring your cafe racer. If you are planning on rewiring your cafe racer and don’t know where to start, grab a seat. Hopefully you’re caught up on what the electrical components do in your custom bike, or how to pick the right cafe racer parts. This article will show you step-by-step how to hook it all up and get your Cafe Racer or Bobber firing 

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Top 5 wiring mistakes to avoid on a cafe racer 

Motorcycle wiring can be a very simplistic job – but there are some common mistakes people make when trying it at home. I enjoy wiring motorcycles for the simplicity I can achieve. Comparative to the normally excessive wiring techniques used in the factory there are a few easy ways you can simplify your motorcycle wiring

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How to troubleshoot motorcycle electronics

It’s time I gave you a run down on how to troubleshoot motorcycle electrics for common wiring problems you would find on your bike This article’s been inspired by bout of recent jobs I’ve had through the shop, all custom motorcycles, mostly all DIY built, and all with electrical problems. Easily fixed electrical problems.


If you check out the electronics section of the Purpose Built Moto blog, you will also find a bunch of helpful articles on parts installations, basic how-to guides and inspiration on getting creative with your motorcycle’s electrics.

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