1986 Yamaha SR400 Scrambler

The Yamaha SR400 is a bike nearly every custom shop on earth has had a go of. Some how until now, I havent ever had one in the shop, apart from some re-wiring and mechanical work, never a complete build.
When the battered and beaten 1986 SR400 rolled in with an instruction to make it a scrambler, I had to dive deep into my creative tank to make sure I put something out different to the 1000's of customs from other builders.
The SR ws stripped to bare bones and the ideas flowed from there. A sportster peanut tank, Scrambler/tracker cross over seat and some off road tyres. Finished with a host of Purpose Built Moto electronics and lighting, and some MX bars and grips.
The motor was stripped checked and cases re-finished, with the sprocket cover getting some surgical cuts to rid it of that horrible square finish. The exhaust was built in-house and topped off with a PBM Highball muffler.
The Yamaha Scrambler was finished in black with a pop colour yellow and some select brush finished surfaces. The PBM Delta sits proud on the tank in a matte black finish.
Now with its new owner and frequently seeing some dirt tracks, our firt SR400 scrambler is being put to great use. This bike delivers a suprisingly comfortable ride on and off road. With handfuls of power to pull those corners of your mouth upward with each twist of that throttle.