Black Box V2 – Lighting Control Module

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Black Box V2 Control Module is Currently on back order to be sent out May 27th

We continue to test our products and take feedback from our customers, the V2 update features an inbuilt fuse and kill switch circuit.

This Module allows easy control of your turn signals and lighting without the use of bulky resistors for LED lighting.

Designed to be quickly installed and for maximum functionality only delivering the features you need. A stand alone unit easily added to your existing wiring or with a complete re-wire.

This Flasher relay allows the use of a momentary push button for control of your Turn Signals and Headlight with an auto time out so you’re never left riding with your blinker on.

View the Black Box Model User Guide

View the Function Sheet and Wiring Diagram.

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Digital LED Flasher relay and Control Module

This Integrated and Intuitive Module allows you to control both your turn signal indicators and headlight with the use of a momentary push button. Features include:

  • Inbuilt fuse
  • Inbuilt kill switch circuit
  • For use with standard bulb and LED turn signals up to 42w per side
  • Flashes LED lights without the use of resistors
  • Auto cancel flasher of 5 sec & 25 sec
  • Intuitive Headlight control with one single button 55W low/ 80W high
  • Can be used with a seperate dual headlight set up
  • Aluminium extrusion hard case, resin filled IP65 weather proof
  • Dimensions – L 90mm x W 40mm x H 25mm with 200mm Cables
  • Package includes Wiring Diagram and Function chart

Click Here to View the Function sheet and Wiring Diagram.

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2 reviews for Black Box V2 – Lighting Control Module

  1. Brendan Fuller

    After weeks of searching the net looking for a simple device that could control the lights with momentary switches on my rally converted Husky 701 enduro I found Tom’s Black Box V2. Installing was super easy as a schematic came the package and the Black Box itself has each wire clearly labeled with it’s function, his web site has further detailed information of complete bike schematics based around the Black Box V2 which also can help if you get stuck. Due to the harsh conditions and remote riding i do i needed a device that is reliable and built of highest quality. So far I can say it’s been spot on, the unit is a solid state device that has been resin filled in a robust alloy housing. At the time of purchase i bought a second Black Box V2 for a spare “just in case” but haven’t had to use it. So now I have plans for the spare to go into the next project bike!! I spoke with Tom directly and he was most helpful and clearly has a passion for motorbikes and quality of workmanship. I highly recommend this product and supporting this Australian business.

  2. Mark Forbes

    Finding a quick & easy solution for the lighting system on a minimalistic custom motorcycle can be a task.
    We used the Black Box Control Module in our ’86 FXRD & it gave us the flexibility we needed!

    It is very straight forward & easy to install & small enough to hide! And, most importantly, it is reliable.
    Perfect for the garage builder who is looking to upgrade the lighting circuit on older motorcycles and/or wants to have the usual functionality of indicators etc without the need for bulky, unsightly switch blocks..

    A recommended quality product from a great local supplier!

    Mark – Jalopy Cycles

    • Tom

      Appreciate the feedback, thanks so much mate!

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