Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions broken down by product category. You will find everything you need to know about all of our products, but if for some reason your question isn't here, use the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you with an answer.

LED Motorcycle Headlight Questions

Yes, if your motorcycle has a 12V lighting system, Purpose Built Moto LED headlights will work on your bike. We have a number of articles on mounting and wiring these lights, but cannot give out information or advice on your specific custom motorcycle.

To check the measurement of your headlight and bracket, measure the distance between the two fixing points on either side (or directly across) of the headlight and refer to the measurements provided in the product description. Learn more

Purpose Built Moto LED headlights are to be used as a stand-alone product. No headlight bucket is necessary. Many customers have modified their buckets to suit but that’s up to you! We provide a great light with billet aluminium housing, how you mount it and use it is up to you.


Yes, The Flashpoint LED motorcycle headlight 7” and 5.75” is ECE, E-marked and DOT approved. Each headlight has a Stamp on the lense with the certification number and E-mark printed on it. The 4.5” headlight has no E-mark on it, as the beam it casts is too wide and only has an on/off function.

If the OEM headlight size is the same as the one you have purchased then yes, you will most likely be able to utilise the factory mounts. If the size is different, the use of spacers can aid in the mounting of your headlight, but we would encourage you to get creative and make something to mount your headlight. That’s what custom bikes are all about!
We do not supply any aftermarket mounting brackets, our custom motorcycles all receive unique hand made mounts for the headlight.


Our headlights come standard with a H4 Male plug. This suits a lot of British, American and Japanese motorcycles. It does not suit all. If the H4 plug wont suit your motorcycle, check here on the plug wiring diagram and you can wire it into your existing headlight plug or replace with an aftermarket one.


Our headlights are international stardard IP65 weatherproof. This will stand up to on road weather conditions and washing. The LED headlights we provide are not fit for full submersion in water.

LED Motorcycle Indicator Questions

Yes, if your motorcycle runs on a 12V lighting system like 95% of bikes, it will work. The lights are designed to universally mount to replace OEM blinkers or to suit any custom motorcycle project.

We have created a guide on 9 ways to mount your motorcycle LED turn signals here.

Our LED turn signals use an 8mm stainless steel tube to mount to your motorcycle.

Our 3-in-1 turn signals come with 1 cable that has 3 separate connection wires.


Red wire - Red LED

Yellow wire – Yellow LED

Black wire – Ground

To use these as a Brake/turn/tail light, purchase the Brake/tail splitter and follow the wiring diagram provided.

Our turn signals are international standard IP65 weatherproof. This will stand up to on road weather conditions and washing. The LED indicators we provide are not fit for full submersion in water.

Not always, resistors can solve your hyperflash issues, but have a read of this article to learn how to address the issue in a cleaner and more efficient way.

Mounting LED turn signals on your motorcycle
If you have a Can-bus or ECU controlled flasher circuit often they will have an in-built reset that will adjust to the new, lower load on the circuit

Everyone has a different answer for this question, here are a few reasons why we choose them.

– Lower power usage

- Higher light output and brighter

– Smaller physical size (only 23mm Diameter)

– Longer life span (50,000 Hrs usage time)

Black Box Control Relay Questions

Yes, the black box is designed to function with any aftermarket momentary push buttons including Motogadget, revival cycles, and the dreaded ebay specials (insert skull emoji)

The Black Box control module works on any 12V or 6V negative ground system. That’s 98% of motorcycles! So long as your battery voltage is good and your charging system is working correctly the black box will deliver a discreet wiring solution for your custom motorcycle.


Generally no, the black box is designed to work with momentary switches only. Some Harley davidson models can be used with the black box, but most other motorcycle makes are unsuitable. You will need to upgrade your switches to PBM buttons to have the module function correctly.

Download the Black Box user guide here

Download the Black Box kill switch guide here

You can also read through the electronics section of the PBM blog for tonnes of how-to guides and information on installing the Black Box 

Handlebar Switches Questions

Purpose Built Moto handlebar switches are momentary only. The addition of latching switches would make the switches bulky. We designed the slimmest and most practical switch block on the market, the momentary push buttons were a necessity in that solution.

Most motorcycles with indicators and electric start will run a set of 2 x 3-button switches.

Left turn, right turn and horn + high/low, start and kill switch.


Kick start only motorcycles can run 1 x 2-button switch and 1 x 3-button switch.
If your motorcycle is running no indicators, or you want to hide your start and kill buttons elsewhere that number can be reduced again, these buttons can be set up in any configuration and placement that you like. 




Online Store and Shipping Questions

If you have accepted domestic or international express for your shipping option you will receive a tracking number in a confirmation email once your purchase has been dispatched, 2-3 business days following the purchase.

Whenever you would like to check on the status or location of your shipment, you can refer back to the email with the tracking information

Once you have received confirmation of purchase shipping from our site on the Gold Coast will be processed within 2-3 business days.


Domestic shipping - arrival within 7-10 business days 


Domestic express - Arrival within 2-3 business days 


International shipping - Arrival within 21 business days 


International express - Arrival within 10 business days. 


These are rough estimates and can be influenced by a number of factors from the service providers.

If you have been waiting for your order for an unsually long time and haven't received any updates by email, contact us

Please read our warranty and returns policy here 
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